GLO Nigeria Weekend Data Plan 500 for 3GB

GLO Weekend Data Plan
This post is all about, GLO Nigeria Weekend Data Plan 500 for 3GB.

Glo joining the league!!

GLO has introduced a new Weekend Data plan valued at 500 Naira for 3GB valid for 7 days (Saturday 12 amSunday 11.59pm & Nights 12 am – 5pm).

You may also like the GLO COMPLETE INTERNET DATA PLAN For 2016 That means you can browse, download, stream and do whatever online —on your phones, tablets, computers ecetera over the weekend but for 3GB allocation!! Not bad at least. Bet me, if you are just browsing over the internet reading articles, news you can’t exhaust that much bandwidth of 3GB allocation, lest you are also combining it with streaming videos and downloading huge files.

GLO Introduces Weekend Data Plan…. 500 Naira for 3GB

  • To Subscribe Simply hit this USSD code on your mobile or modem *127*61#

Alternatively Send as SMS:

  • 61 to 127

GLO weekend Internet data bundles is one of GLO’s supplementary internet data bundles that the network providers make available for subscribers to allow for easy internet access.

The weekend internet data bundles alongside the social media bundles offered by various Telecom operator in Nigeria, is in a bid to get more users connected to the internet and using various internet resources.

GLO network has been the center of all these bonuses offered by the Telecom operators. There isn’t any denying, that GLO offers the most in terms of data affordability and bonuses. You get more internet data bundles for less.

GLO has also been improving in its network reliability and connectivity across the country as some critics, have always criticized the network for down time of internet.

Nonetheless, GLO network has been great overall for internet. The 4G on GLO has also been great. Being one of the most robust 4G providers in Nigeria. Handling both the band 3 and band 28.

Allowing for more devices with varying 4G bands to gain 4G access for faster internet.

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  1. Chika

    Hi, good day admin, please what is the code to subscribe, I tried following the steps here but it keep saying I entered the wrong option. Could this be the cause?

  2. Chika

    What is the code for Glo Weekend Data Bonus?
    The Glo weekend plan is only for the purchase of Weekends Data Plans on Glo, no bonuses are attached to the weekend data plan. You can also get more information about this here:

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