GLO Nigeria Weekend Data Plan 500 for 3GB


Glo joining the league!!

GLo Weekend Data Plan


GLO has introduced a new Weekend Data plan valued at 500 Naira for 3GB valid for 7 days (Saturday 12 amSunday 11.59pm & Nights 12 am – 5pm). You may also like the GLO COMPLETE INTERNET DATA PLAN For 2016 That means you can browse, download, stream and do whatever online —on your phones, tablets, computers ecetera over the weekend but for 3GB allocation!! Not bad at least. Bet me, if you are just browsing over the internet reading articles, news you can’t exhaust that much bandwidth of 3GB allocation, lest you are also combining it with streaming videos and downloading huge files.


GLO Introduces Weekend Data Plan…. 500 Naira for 3GB


  • To Subscribe Simply hit this USSD code on your mobile or modem *127*61#


Alternatively Send as SMS:


  • 61 to 127

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