Facebook unveils Live Audio Feature: Broadcast service still on Beta-Test

Facebook unveils Live Audio Feature: Broadcast service still on Beta-TestFacebook unveils Live Audio Feature: Broadcast service still on Beta-Test.

Facebook, as we know is one of the most used and viral social networking sites that had continued to remain relevant despite the way technologies are used changes over time. In the past, we have seen social media platforms that were the rage during their inception and over time, had gradually faded into the Oblivion. But, that can not be said of Facebook, because the social media platform as continued to evolve, implement trends and changes according to how things and technologies are used. Thus remaining relevant in the life’s of people.

And one of the key ways that Facebook has been able to achieve this, is through churning out new features on a timely basis to the social media network. This helps to make it not so boring when you’re already used to a particular feature, the new features helps to spice things a little more better. So you find people coming back for more, to use these features. This post, brings to you the Facebook Live Audio Video.

In the past few months it has been all sorts of video support plugins added to Facebook from Live Video, to Video Call on Messenger etc. Now Facebook have announced it will go on beta-test for audio live stream in the coming months. The company has also partnered with a bunch of media outlets, LBC, BBC service and a few others to fully integrate the live audio stream feature into facebook.

Live audio feature should be up and running in 2017, both availabe to people and publishers. More like podcast service, an alternative to live video coverage. The audio live stream feature will save more data than the video live stream particularly useful to region with poor internet network connectivity.

More info at: Live FB Audio Stream


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