Looking for a Job?: Get one via Facebook Job Section Feature

Looking for a Job? Why not Check out the Facebook Job Section:

Facebook like many other social messaging platforms are getting more dynamic day in day out. You can use this platforms for so much more. This isn’t the first time, people have gotten jobs via Facebook or any other social apps out there. You could just meet your potential employer on this platforms. If you are an employer you could also meet employees.


Facebook as officially integrated the Job Seeking feature into its platform. Lets see how you can leverage this, for job haunting purpose:


Get a Job on Facebook


Users in United States and Canada are the first to get the Job feature roll out on Facebook.  Probably already on your own end also. Just matter of time before the Facebook Job support feature reaches out to other regions, if not already.


How the Job stuff Works


By simply using your mobile Facebook application or logging into Facebook web you can use the Job Section to find out possible job offers. In the other hand, potential advertisers could also post job offers directly into their Facebook Page while Job seekers can as well apply for the available positions.


Why find a Job (Seekers) or Place an opening (Employers):


With over a billion people using this platform around the world. Sure!, as an employee, there is always some qualified and can get the job done on Facebook.



The way things are done is changing every day, we could have virtually every single thing going online in the year 2030. From Job interviews, haunting to seeking and the likes. It is sure, only a matter of time.


You also get a Glimpse of the Job


Yes!, the Job Section provides, you with info like:

  • Location
  • Job Industry Category
  • Job Types
  • Application


Applying for Jobs on Facebook


1st Method:

  • Simply go to any employers Facebook page, and check for job listing.
  • If there is a new listing, will appear on Company’s Facebook Page.
  • All you need is to follow their page, to get notification of a listing.
  • To apply, simply hit on the Apply Now Button.


2nd Method:

  • Go to Facebook New Job Section via the LINK: Facebook New Jobs.
  • In this page, you can find listing on variety of job openings.
  • Simply select any of the listing, and continue with the application process after wards.
  • Click Apply Now
  • A page form in return pop up, where your public data you have shared appears (Bio data, Education, Employment History).
  • You can also edit and fine tune the data.
  • Next, you can send the pre-loaded information or make edits before finally hitting the send button.
  • Below, you get a 1000 limit text box which allows for a written note or cover letter.
  • There isn’t any provision for uploading a resume yet.


Final Note:

This is the right time to start following an employer you are keen about on their Facebook Pages, by simply liking their page with a button click. Just in case, a job offering is listed, you get a notification straight into your Facebook news feed.


No doubt Facebook is gradually turning into a black-hole. Everything in one platform.

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