Etisalat Blaze On Unlimited Internet Time Based Data Bundle

Here is the detail on subscription, code, application, app of Etisalat unlimited timely internet bundles.  Etisalat Blazeon Data bundle is an unlimited data plan for browsing and downloading which spans at an appointed time period by Etisalat Nigeria. If you an Etisalat SIM in Nigeria, you can try out this package, read on for more details.

Etisalat Blazeon time based data bundles is available for 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes and 1 hour. The bundle can run alongside any other already existing bundle, with the later taking priority.  The bundle is particularly useful for customers that would like to “live-stream” sports matches, movies or download files.

It is highly advisable to opt for this internet data bundle on areas with fast and reliable Etisalat network to ensure you don’t completely run out of time before accomplishing the intended usage.


Etisalat Blazeon Internet Data bundle works alongside Blazeon application. To opt for the data bundle, there is an option, to subscribe via the application.

How to Subscribe for Etisalat Blazeon Unlimited Internet Data Bundle

To get started with Etisalat Blazeon unlimited internet data bundle simply write inside of text blazeon, then send to 229.

Download Etisalat Blazeon Unlimited Internet Bundle Android Application APK

To get the app on your android device simply, go to your message, text blazeon to 229. Another option, is to directly install the app, to your android device via Android Playstore, see links below.

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The Blazeon application is not yet available for the Apple iOS devices, for now only the Android version is available on the second listing above. 

Etisalat Blazeon Unlimited Internet Bundles Subscription Code

  •  blazeon to 229

A glimpse into the Blazeon unlimited internet data bundle offer, this reminds me of the pre-internet days in Nigeria, when folks go to a Cyber Cafe to browse that 2kb webpage:

  • 10 Minutes unlimited @N50
  • 15 Minutes unlimited @N70
  • 30 Minutes unlimited @N120
  • 1 Hour unlimited @N200

My Weird Thoughts on Etisalat’s Blazeon Bundle

To live stream a full football match which is 90 mintues. Then you would need 1 Hour unlimited + 30 Minutes unlimited= N320 Naira; a bit expensive for an average lad in Nigeria wanting to stream that live football match, considering the economy and other factors put together.  Also pray, the match doesn’t end up in extra time or to make things even worse; a penalty shoot out. Which would require additional 1 Hour of subscription, alas!, 500 Naira is gone!.

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  1. Is the Freebrowsing trick still working? I really want to download the app

    1. This has stopped working but I saw an active one HERE!!!

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