Could this image be the Xiaomi Mi6 with No Bezel-less Design

The Xiaomi Mi6 should unveil in no time!. A new image has been spotted online showing the smartphone with no bezel-less design feature, though the design is a top finish.

Other revealing detail of the image is the Dual rear cameras setup, Touch Home Button and a glass – metal like design finish.

If this image were to be a 100% real it will be quite a let down, especially in terms of the much anticipated bezel-less design trends.

Since the image isn’t yet certain, just put it aside, and lets see how it finally turns out on the D-day.

As for now what we know for sure is the expected specs; see below:

Snap835 chipset. FHD 5.15 inch display. To come in 128GB/64GB onboard-storage options for the money. 4GB RAM, a 3200mAh capacity battery. Android 7.1.1 Nougat OS with the MIUI 9 UI ontop.

What else!, of course, the pricing; going for around  CNY 2199 for the Mi6 and CNY2699 for the MI6 Plus.


Xiaomi over the years, since it’s inception have been producing very excellent smartphones with pretty much decent pricing when compared to the specs they offer.

Notable mentions are the likes of Oppo and Vivo too. These trio companies have been doing quite impressive over the years.

The trio have been unarguably like the frontiers of new innovations in the smartphone niche of recent times.

The Mi 6 is by far one of the best smartphones of the year going by the design and performance of the device.

The new no bezel trend has we have seen in the previous Xiaomi releases is going viral already. The Mi Mix was the first world smartphone to feature a bezel type of design.

And ever since, the trend has been going on with even more trimmer bezels.

So Mi 6 is designed such that much of the bezel were minimized. The whole device is something top notch and worth every single penny.

Going by that price tag set for Mi 6 you would expect it to cost even more due to how good the smartphone design impresses and performs.

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