Best Browser alternative to IDM: Baidu Browser Desktop

Baidu browser provides high speed downloading  and friendly user experience interface. Plus ability to download videos from youtube or other video sites. Download it

Features of Baidu Browser:

  1. High speed download
  2. friendly user interface
  3. Directly download from youtube
  4. Best alternative for IDM ( internet download manager)
  5. Mouse gesture
  6. Account syncing
  7. Video pop player

IMage snapshot Baidu vs IDM(Internet Download Manager)
fastest browser baidu 2016

Best Browser alternative to IDM: Baidu Browser Desktop

Baidu Browser speed for download is just exceptional. It downloads files and medias as fast as IDM(Internet Download Manager).

The browser literally utilizes all of the available bandwidth in the computer system from the network.

Thus, serving as the best alternative for IDM ( internet download manager) while also maintaining its status as a browser.

Baidu Browser is also user friendly. Providing rich and simplistic user interface that anyone could learn how to make use of the application.

Easily navigate through various options in the web browser like history, cache, settings, bookmarks, downloads, tabs, quick tabs and more.

With Baidu Browser on your PC, you can easily download YouTube videos while streaming the video search engine with just a click of a button.

Not just only YouTube videos, but you can as well download videos from other streaming sites too, when you use Baidu Browser to stream and access the streaming web pages.

To download the streaming videos through Baidu Browser to your computer is quite straight to the point, firstly, you would need to start streaming the video from the streaming service.

Then, after some seconds a download links appear just at the top right hand side, near the URL bar. The download links are embedded into a pop up like button.

The pop up download button contains several links each containing the type of media format you would want to download the video in. Whether, audio or video. For videos, you can also choose amongst various video  quality options.

The browser also comes alongside cool mouse gestures to make using it in the internet easy.

It also comes with Account syncing which allows users to syn browsing history or other data. Plus video pop player too for playing videos directly on the web.

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  1. chipata zambia name banda kalo hi people

  2. I was using watsapp now it has being expired so thats why I need a new one please I’ll be glad if it to start working again.

  3. I was using watsapp now it has being expired that’s why I need a new one I’ll glad if it’ll start working again.

    1. farouk

      google Whatsapp Latest Whatsapp .apk.

  4. Damy

    Can i download this baidu browser on android or on PC

  5. farouk

    For PC it works like a charm! Very fast download, sure, uses most of the network bandwidth……..its download can be compared with IDM. See this post also, there is something related to baidu at the end. There should be a post on : how to resume any previous uncompleted download from baidu soon!. Stay tuned!.

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