9Mobile BlazeOn Internet Time Data Bundles Data Cap Rate

9Mobile: Blazeon Time Bundles Subscription, Data Rate and Amount

9Mobile, which was Etisalat in the past, if you may not have known, also have unlimited that bundles which allows 9Mobile subscribers to access the internet for certain time duration at different price rate; just like 3 other major network providers in Nigeria, Airtel, MTN and GLO. A quick look at the various offers with how to opt for one in this link.  But, the catch is that, is it really unlimited?? Not exactly as you may think, the 9Mobile, unlimited data bundles isn’9Mobile BlazeOn Internet Time Data Bundles Data Cap Rate t at all unlimited.

9Mobile have 4 distinct unlimited data bundles (not unlimited), there is 10 minutes bundles, 15 minutes bundles, 30 minutes bundles and 1 hour bundles. But, the catch here is that you can use the bundles till infinity at a given time frame, it is data capped or rather data gauged.

What you should expect from the so called unlimited 10 minutes plan is that it is actually 230MB. The 15 minutes plan gives you roughly 350MB, 30minutes plan gives you 780MB and the 1 hour plan gives you 1.5GB. So, before, you start biting your teeth hoping you could suck hell out of the data, the sad news is that you can’t exceed the limits within the given time frame.

Further break down of the Not unlimited 9Mobile data bundles below:

9Mobile Blazeon Data Internet data offer

  • 9Mobile 10 minutes internet data plan gauged @230MB for 50 Naira
  • 9Mobile 15 minutes internet data plan gauged @350MB for 70 Naira
  • 9Mobile 30 minutes internet data plan gauged @780MB for 120 Naira
  • 9Mobile 1 hour internet data plan gauged @1.5GB for 200 Naira

A close look at the list, you should get a bundles plan which will work for you on any situation. Lets say you want to do that online registration, you can easily opt for the 50 Naira MB which gives you 230MB, at least most online registration won’t require more than that. You can even up your game by further going for the 70 Naira plan which gives you 350MB and so on, all depending on your need for bundles at that particular instance. To opt for the data bundles you require downloading using an app, depending on your device…..More info on subscription from this previous post. To activate the app go the link posted above, using the sms feature by inputing blazeon to 229 activates the bundles or via the app.

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