34 Best Free Ebook Website for offline Download and online Reading

34 Best Free Ebook Website for offline Download and online Reading

In this post, we would update you with the best websites you can easily browse through to sift out free downloadable ebooks for offline and online reading without worrying about any legal strikes.

Without further ado, here goes the list, taking each listing randomly. Just like in  a previous post, on best android comic books, here comes top places to get legally free ebooks:

#1. Gutenberg:

Gutenberg! this one is cool, sounds like a German name if am not mistaken. more so, like an online library, you get various books packed in alphabetical order.

You can use search button to get books as you want. Books comes in all kind of formats; pdf, docx, epub, mobi, html etc.

You can also download this books straight to your device for offline reading with a hit of a button, but, you need to sign up for an account, which shouldn’t take you 5minutes.

#2. OpenLibrary:

Yep! an Open Library as the name implies based on the internet. You get many books to browse through and for offline reading. Books include, but, not limited to crime, detective, romance, history, fiction, fantasies, biographies etc.

Easily search for books using search button option. Search using categories, Alphabet etc. Download or read online. Whatever option you want to use depends on you.

#3. Feedbooks:

Looking for books to feed on. Yes!, you just got the right place. Feedbooks is an online archive which provides for its users various books to feed on! Sorry!.

I meant read on. More like an online domain where you get to lay your hands on hundreds, if not thousands of discoverable and downloadable books for offline usage or when online on your device.

You get the likes of short stories, science fiction, action, adventure, romance, fantasy and more feeding on Feedbooks! Sorry again I meant: “Reading on Feedbooks!” How bout the formats?, they come in the standard, pdf, mobi and epub files you are used to.

#4. Many Books:

If you are looking of myriads of books with different kind of taste and ecstasy, then Many Books, is a sure bet, to get thousands of books to satisfy your hunger for a book type.

Books are in e-formats. You can download to your device for later reading or instantly surf through on your web browser.

You have over 30,000 free e-books to choose from; ranging from different category to topic type. Available in different ebook formts.

You can easily search for ebook to read using author’s name, type of book. topic, etc.

#5. Smash Words:

Smash Words come with over 460,000 ebooks you can choose from to read on myriads of generes.

Comes with a free option, where you can select free ebooks to read from. Also come with feature to allow writers publish and publicize their written works on the Smashword portal for full public glare.

Comes with search feature, lets you search for any book using various keywords to narrow down search for a more precise result.

Ebooks are available in Mobi, Pdb, Txt, Epub as well as other formats.

#6. Wiki Books:

Think of Wiki Books as that online portal where you can get books on academics for free. If your looking for textbooks or publications, Wikibooks, comes in handy.

You don’t get stuff like fiction on Wiki Books or Romance, or the likes of Crime generes.

But, instead, get brainy stuffs like, Science, Language learning, Research, Computers, Engineering etc.

EBooks on Wiki Books can either  be read directly online or downloaded straight to your device on iOs, Android, MAC and PC for offline reading.

#7. FreeEbooks:

Free ebooks as the name implies comes with lots of free ebooks you can easily download to your device or read online.

And the good thing, you get to choose the best book based on percentage of viewership in the month, so you can easily sift through myriads of books to choose a worthwhile type for your time.

In addition Free ebooks not only offer ebooks in the standard, PDF, MOBI, Epub, …..formats, but, also, offer audio books.

#8. Hathi-Trust:

Hathi Trust!, think of this one an ebook resource, where you find mostly, academic and literature text.

Looking for an online world library for student readership which packs host of materials inside of it from different cultural backgrounds, then, Hathi Trust is a sure bet.

You get U.S.A research works from various institutions. Stuffs, like Manuscripts, Psychology books, History books, Cultural books etc.

You require setting up an account to download from Haithi Trust, but, can browse and read through various books, texts and materials for free without setting up a Haithi Trust account.

#9. PDFBooksWorld:

You can get many free ebooks in PDF format to download from this archive. It has many high quality ebooks to choose from high collection from the online library.

You can find various PDF ebooks on various subjects in the portal by using the advanced search options to nail down specific book, based on the genere.

You can get fiction, academics, romance, children, non-fiction ebooks in the portal. To download any resource from PDF Book World, all that is required is a free lifetime account that will enable for direct download from the portal.

#10. Book Yards:

In Book Yards, just like any other ebook site, comes with thousands of books that you can read online as well as offline.

You also, get to choose from collection of audio books, if you would prefer to go for what’s audible over text.

Categories of books, available on this archive, include, and not restricted to, History, Fiction, Auto-Bio, Arts, non-fiction, Computing, Learning.

You can contribute your own quota to the library by donating. You can share resources with friends, using social buttons available.

#11. Google Ebook:

From Google, you can also get free ebook, by selecting the free section option. In this section, you can get free ebooks of various topics for reading.

Ebooks come in various formats and comes with reviews from previous users.

#12. InternetArchive:

Internet Archive is a free get ebook portal or more of an internet library where you get different types of academic books spanning through various subjects as well as other history materials.

#13. Libri Box:

Looking for a free audio book online gallery; then, You should consider LibriBox. At LibriBox, you get free ebooks in their audio formats for listening all for free.

#14. Book Boon:

No need to bother about registration, before you get stuffs from this portal. You get thousands of free ebooks to choose from on various topics.

But, mostly on academics. Books on subjects, like: IT Programming, Business, Accounting, Career and Advice, Marketing, Languages etc. are obtainable from Book Boon.

#15. LibraryGen:

Pronounced as www. gen. lib. rus. ec  Looks more of a search engine than an ebook online resource. But, the fact, “It actually does both”. At Library Gen, you get ebooks in downloadable formats from free sources.

#16. FreeBook Spot:

Here you get thousands collection of free ebooks online with various categories to choose from to read or download to your device without having to register on the website.

You can browse through various books you like and choose any one to read or download.

#17. EbookBike:

Ebook Bike is an internet resource  that houses lots of free ebooks and audio books. You can download or read ebooks here.

You can search for books and also share with friends on social network sites.

#18. O-Reilly:

Oreily is an old portal that dates back to the 1970’s famous for their printed works; But, now here is where you get thousands of free digital ebook materials on learning for free.

At Oreilly you get Lecture materials, tutorials, books of various subjects by downloading them to your device in PDF format.

But, first, to use their materials offline, requires you sign up for an account.

After signing up, you can then, login and download legally free materials from Oreilly for free.

#19. Free Computer Books:

The name says everything! Here, you get ICT ebooks for free. Looking for programming stuffs, Hardware or soft ware repair guides, Computer note books, Tutorials, Maintenance books and more.

Free Computer Books is a nice online resource to check all of this out.  On Free Computer Books web you can easily surf for books via categories, sub-categories and actually nailing the particular topic you want.

#20. Baen:

With Baen ebook portal you can get access to exciting ebooks to read and download for free.

Downloading from Baen, requires users extract files complied into zip formats via unarchiving apps on their phone or computers. In Baen, comes with a free section and as well not free section.

Selecting the free section, gives you access to multiple ebooks that are available for free use. Ebooks comprises of both fiction and non-fiction types and also other variants.

Ebook file formats, you can get here to your device, include, the likes of MOBI, RTF, PDF, EPUB etc.

#21. Libri Vox:

At LibriVox, you get free audio books from a wide range of literary collections. You can listen to this books online or get it to your device and also free.

#22. Issu:

At Issu, you get access to lots of books free. To get contents here, you would normally need to register for an account to download to your device.

But, can still get access to free books or soft e-magazines without actually having to open an account, just by reading.

At Issu you get lots of free ebooks that you can read without needing to shell out some coins.

#23. Digital Library:

At Online Books Page you get tens of thousands of ebooks available for free download.

Books are arranged in Meta-Data that are easy to get access to particular book, based on Author Description, Titles, Category, Recent Listing etc.

#24. Ebook Lobby:

At Ebook Lobby, you can search for most read materials by browsing through the various sections and you get ebooks on various topics, like, computing, education materials, marketing, arts, science etc.

Here you get thousands of ebooks to download and make use of all for legally free.

#25. OpenCulture:

This site is dedicated to students that would like to search materials on their related field of study.

Here, you get lots of ebooks for learning purposes and also you can lay your hands on other literary fiction books from well known writers.

At Open Culture, ebooks and other educational papers are updated regularly, so you have fresh contents to choose from whenever you come in to access the site.

#26. Online Programming Books:

From the name, you get a glimpse of what this e-portal entails. Looking for free contents on Computers, Programming, Engineering, Mathematics, ICT and more; you get all of them at Online Programming Books.

The portal is easy to navigate, straight to the point, simply, search for what you want and go for it.

#27. Lean Pub:

Here you have options to either get a book for free or buy it at your own price you deem fit. Ebooks can be downloaded or get a glimpse on the web site.

Lean Pub mostly feature educational materials.

So if you are looking for ebooks on Engineering, Computer Science, Programming Languages and Mark up Languages, this portal is a good bet to lay your hands on.

#28. Get Free Ebooks:

Get free ebooks offers its users with free ebooks to read legally. You get books on various categories like Internet,  Non-fiction, fiction, Education, Novels etc all for free.

You can also search for a particular book, via category or get other related books on a particular book you are looking into.

#29. Avax Home:

At Avax Home, you get many ebooks on various topics you can choose from. It has large collection of free ebooks that  are legal to read and download without having to shell out a penny.

#30. Snip Files:

At Snip Files you get priceless ebooks the type materials you would normally think could be very difficult to get, you get them all here! And they are all free to download legally.

Getting ebooks at Snip Files is down to earth!. Simply, search for the book you want using categories and the search query to nail  a desired book of choice.

#31. Biblio Tastic:

At Biblio Tastic you get tasty indie books here by downloading or just reading for free; But, to get access to the materials, requires you open a registration account via email.

You get books on categories like, Fiction, Non-Fiction, History, Romance and many others.

#32. BooksPics:

At BookPics, you get to download and read daily ebooks and other reading materials without having to pay. BookPics is updated with a handful of books daily for BookPics users.

#33. Free Tech Books:

As the name implies, you get all types of books related to technology for free. Want to learn about programming or computers, you can get ebooks in this sites on these subjects all for free.

Also contains educational materials like class notes, lectures, textbooks etc. Ebooks offered by Free Tech Books are legally free to download.

#34. Know Free:

Know Free is more of a knowledge sharing e-portal. It allows various to contribute free materials for other users to get access to for free. More of general knowledge sharing sites.

So if you have some cool materials, books you have written or other cool stuffs you have done, you can share it with everyone here.

Kind of books you find at Know Free, are mostly, educational resources: Projects, Articles, Magazines, Lectures and other tech materials.

That’s all about it!, didn’t see your favorite ebook site? on the list. Share yours in the comment below!.

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