How to Activate MTN Missed Call Alert Notification

mtn-who-call-me-notify-meHow to Activate MTN Missed Call Alert Notification.
That phone with 1% battery percentage just rang. You heard it in mind to charge it soon, you went quickly to pick up the call, then you saw the shutting down notification. Or you are in a remote area where people tried your line and they got the Not reachable response.

If you are using MTN sim on your phone you can easily get notification for missed calls. Subscribers on MTN network can now receive notification for missed calls via SMS. MTN can quickly notify you of missed calls through Free SMS of people who were unable to reach you due poor network coverage or phone ran out of power.

Activating the missed call notification feature on your MTN LINE is Free. To activate, simply, send by text SET 02 to 100.

Lets assume you have activated this feature. Next time when some one was unable to reach out to you on your MTN LINE, you get this notification which thus reads: “y’ello! you have 1 missed call from 234*********836 received at: 04:06:2016 11:21:14”

Also a notification is sent to the caller that wasn’t able to reach out to your MTN lINE that your phone has been switched on and it’s now reachable.  The message sent to the caller will appear in this format: “y’ello! 234*********234 is now avaible. You may now dial the number”But, only if the caller had also activated the MTN Notify Me feature. So it’s a two way stuff.

To activate the MTN Notify ME feature, which also is completely free, simply send by text SET 01 to 100.  To check the status, also text STATUS to 100.

To opt out from either the MTN Missed call Notification or the MTN Notify ME feature simply send by text DELETE to 100.

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  1. Billy

    But I’ve been trying this for some months now my texts never got delivered. Any time after message sent, is message not delivered and even now after i read this, i gave it another try but got same response.

    1. farouk

      LOL! Let me try it asap on another of my MTN sim. Tried it out, message sent. Let me wait for reply…i’ll get back to you.

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