GLO 100 Naira 250MB Data Internet Plan

GLO 100 Naira 250MB Data Internet PlanGLO 100 Naira 250MB Internet Data Plan. GLO network offers the cheapest internet data bundles amongst other network providers in Nigeria.

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To get 250MB data for 100 Naira on GLO network, simply dial *303*2*1*1# which remains valid for 3 days. This means you have 3 days to utilize the 250MB. Depending on your data usage, this data bundle should fit in your internet demands Whatsapping, Facebook, News etc. You can even download small files or do an online registration.

GLO 100 Naira 250MB Data Internet Plan

GLO 250MB data for 100 Naira: Dial *303*2*1#

GLO Nigeria and it’s internet data bundles have been very affordable and by far the best.

GLO internet data bundles offer more value for money. That is you would get almost added data bundles when you subscribe to a data plan when compared to other telcos in the country.

GLO have continued to up their game in the Nigeria telecom space with various offers and striving to satisfy end users.

This can be exemplified from the various promos on call tariff and internet data bundles unveiled on both HSPA and 4G LTE bands.

GLO LTE too is one of the robust LTE in Nigeria, has it offers 2 network bands for users to utilize. This 2 bands includes, the former band 28 and the new band 7.

The good thing about the introduction of the band 7, is that it allows for more devices connecting to the LTE/4G network to have more options. That is, a device that doesn’t have band 28 will have band 7. And a device that doesn’t support band 7 will support band 28.

And most times you find devices that support both network bands which is a plus. GLO network have continued to improve on their services and it is only a matter of time before it will clinge to the top as the best network in terms of data bonuses and reliability.

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