How to Fix iOS 11 Wi-Fi Bluetooth Turning on itself

Fix iOS 11 Wi-Fi Bluetooth Automatic Turning on

If you are encountering problems of Wi-Fi or Bluetooth turning on itself with the new update of your current iPhone or iPad device, running on the iOS 11, well!, you can easily fix this issue with few steps procedures given in this post.

You may wondering whether is a bug or problem, but the thing, is that the current iOS for iPhone or iPad has been designed built in to come with automatic turning on of WiFi or bluetooth. The fix, that will be given in this post, will help you fix it in no time. So you can manually enable it or disable it by yourself.

A few things to Note

One reason why Bluetooth or Wi-Fi may auto on may be trying to disable it from the Control Center of your Apple device. This is as a result that, the Control Center functionality has been tinkered with in the present setup of iOS. When you switch off, Wifi or Bluetooth using the Control Center option, will turn on subsequently when you use any of these: When you go to a new location in your environment, when you manually turn them on from Control Center, when you turn them on from Settings, Bluetooth/WiFi activates at 5AM in the morning, When you make a reboot/restart of the iOS Apple device. So when you do any of the listed, Bluetooth/WiFi automatically turns on.

To fix this, use the steps given in below:

Disable auto turning on of WiFi iOS 11 (iPhone/iPad)

  • Go to Settings

  • Tap on Wi-Fi

  • Toggle on the Wi-Fi button to OFF position

Disable auto turning on of Bluetooth iOS 11 (iPhone/iPad)

  • Go to Settings

  • Tap on Bluetooth

  • Toggle on the Bluetooth button to OFF position

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