The 9Mobile 2GB data for 200 Naira will help you save cost, especially if you are the type always online to check out new stuffs or get media contents online and also help to minimize money spent on monthly data subscription as you would in many cases find people subscribing for monthly bundles 4 times in a month.

You would realize this bundles being offered for monthly subscription by telecom people are kind of meager, compared to amount of data customers of these telcos consume a month. Since enough data bundles are still something which are pricey and also a luxury for most individuals in this clime, hacks like this 9Mobile 2GB Data for 3days at 200 Naira that I’ll reveal soon when you keep reading, is sure to provide some relief for subscribers.

Ok! without further ado, let’s delve into how you can opt for this bundles on your extra 9Mobile SIM to save you overall cost of data for the month. Ok.

Previously there was a new post, of how you can easily know your MTN SIM number without actually having to check the SIM pack. Today am going to share with you this useful data subscription, which you can too activate on 9Mobile SIM.

This data bundles may be particularly useful depending on what you want to use it for. The data bundles isn’t a cheat, as you would expect. It is something totally legally permitted. But, the only set back, you would need an older 9Mobile SIM to activate it. i.e. SIMs with the ETISALAT MONIKER. So if you have thrown away that old Etisalat 9Mobile SIM in your home cupboard, this is the time to go find it and bring on.

So if you are using an older 9Mobile SIM, known as Etisalat, the 2GB/200Naira 3days data bundles will work on the SIM. You get 2GB for 200 Naira and spans through 3 days of use. After which the bundles expires, whether you have exhausted the data bundles or not.  So if you got stuffs to download or upload or some e-registration to do, you can simply opt for this type of bundles while sticking with your main monthly bundles you use on other network plan.

The 9Mobile/Etisalat 2GB bundles works on all devices, whether you are on a laptop, mobile device, tablet, android, iOS etc. This data will work seamlessly.

How to Activate 9Mobile 2GB Data Bundles:

Simply dial *929*10# on your device and hit the send button.

In no time you get an activation message.

The Data bundles cost 200 Naira and is only valid for 3days. After exhausting the 2GB, whether on the day of subscription or later date, you can re-subscribe again by using *929*10# again. And works only on old 9Mobile SIMS, ETISALAT. Enjoy!

For any if’s and but’s simply drop your comment in the comment section below!.

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  1. Be humble for no reason

    Is not 2gb but 1gb make unah dey help us talk the truth small for this country kwanu

    1. Keyz Abraham

      helep me tell them ooo

  2. Diamond 💎

    brother it’s 1gb na

  3. Keyz Abraham

    It is weekend plan and it’s 1gb bundle.

    1. Anonymous

      Is even not working for me

  4. Uc

    it gives 1GB not 2GB and works on any 9mobile line whether new or old.. Plus it’s not certain it would work on your line because the system selects number randomly for the plan.. Might work for you today and might not work again later.. So get your facts right

    1. Anonymous

      No it doesn’t work for all sims

    2. joshaile

      I tried it so many times, but still gave me nothing.

  5. martinex

    I have been using the plan on my Etisalat sim for over 2years now…it select phone numbers randomly plus it works for all some cards free friday-sunday 12:am and it’s fucking 1gb


    It did not work for me why

  7. Thanks

  8. Anonymous

    una dey lies

  9. duru

    una dey lies


    Na lie

  11. Anonymous

    Nawa oo glo better pass una ooo😠 The network is useless

  12. Anonymous

    Bro u are a big liar
    It is 1gb not 2gb

  13. I have tried but not really working I like your website

  14. Chichi

    Why the lies.. it doesn’t change the fact that we are using the sim.. but its 1gb..mtweeeee

  15. Favour

    It’s not working

  16. Tony Ologun

    I only got 1G after typing *929*10#.

  17. Muhammed

    When i recharge on my line the balance is reflecting on main5 but my main balance is #0.13. so wen i enter the USSD code its bringing no sufficient balance to activate subscription

  18. Anonymous

    You just raise our hope
    It is not working

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