Sample of NYSC Registration Form

Sample of NYSC Registration FormThe aim of the Sample of NYSC Registration Form is to simply ease the process of NYSC Registration for new prospective corp members before heading to the internet on their own or via a cafe personal to register.

The Sample of NYSC Registration Form helps with all unfilled data that is required to be inputed into the NYSC portal during the registration process.

Thus, the form can be printed and filled by the prospective corp member and then can be given to anyone to do the registration. Also the corp member can also do the registration by himself/herself given all the required details outlined in the form.

Therefore, below is all the important details that are required during the NYSC registration when prospective corps members have been mobilized for various States within the Federation of Nigeria to qualify them for camping.

Sample of NYSC Reg. Form:

  • Bio Data
    • Jamb Registration Number:____________
    • Matric No:_____________
    • First Name, Middle name _________, _________
    • Surname:_________
    • Date of Birth:_________
    • Place of Birth:_________
    • Mobile:__________
    • Gender: _________
    • Marital Status: _________
    • Already Have a Previous Call-up? Yes/No
    • Space for passport:
    • Physically Challenged? Yes/No
    • Nationality
    • State of Origin:
    • Local Government Area (LGA):
    • Present contact Address:____________________
    • Permanent Address:_______________________
    • Town/ City:________________________
  • Next of Kin
    • Next of Kin(1) Name:
    • Relationship with Next of Kin (1):_______________
    • Contact of Next of Kin (1):_____________________
    • Address of Next of Kin (1):_____________________
    • Next of Kin (2) GSM: _________________________
    • Next of Kin(2) Name:
    • Relationship with Next of Kin (2):_______________
    • Contact of Next of Kin (2):_____________________
    • Address of Next of Kin (2):_____________________
    • Next of Kin (2) GSM: _________________________
    • Mobile Number:____________________________
    • Adress:__________________________________
    • Town:___________________________________
    • State:___________________________________
  • Institution Attended
    • Primary school details. From: __________To:_____________
    • Secondary school details. From: ________To:____________
    • Certificate Awarded:_____________
    • Date of Graduation:_________________
    • Higher Institution Details
    • Institution: ____________________From: __________To:___________
    • Course:________________________
    • Certificate Obtained Award Type:_____________________
  • Military Personnel? /Paramilitary?:_____________________
    • National Award Honour?:________________
    • Are you a serving member of Nigerian?:___________
    • Armed Force (NAF, NA, or NAVY) and served
      for minimum of 9 months? Yes/ No:__________________
    • *Are you a serving member of
      National Intelligence Agency (NIA)? Yes /No:__________________
    • Are you a serving member of Nigerian Police Force (NPF)? Yes/No:____________
    • Are you a National Awardee? Yes/ No:___________
  • Nigerian Language(s) you speak:__________,______,_______,_______,_______
  • Nigerian State(s) visited:___________,________,__________,________,________
  • Kits Specifications
    • Size Length Chest Neck
      Small 30-32: 32-35 12-14
      Medium 32-33 36-38 14-15
      Large 35-36 38-40 15-16
      X-Large 36-38
    • 40-42 16-17 5
    • XXLarge 38-40 44-46 18-20
    • Size Length Chest Neck
      Small 40-41 28-32 18-20
      Medium 41-42 34-36 20-21
      Large 42-43 36-38 21-22
      X-Large 43-4438-38 22-23
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Above is the Sample of the Form and the required details expected of a corp member to possess before heading to the registration portal to fill out the online form before submission.

Download NYSC Reg Form(PDF/Docx):

The samples of both the PDF and the Word Documents of the Sample of the registration form have also been attached to this post in order to enable printing. You can download both by using the links given below:

Therefore, you can easily download and print out the form. After which you can fill it up for the registration process.

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