Rumour NCC orders Telcos in Nigeria to increase Internet Data Bundles

nccRumour NCC orders Telcos in Nigeria to increase Internet Data Bundles.
From every rumour their might be element of truth. NCC increasing Internet Data bundles is a “No No” for an average Nigerian home boy (middle/lower class) trying to make some sense with the crippling economic situation. What this new development means is that MTN, GLO, Etisalat and Airtel will increase their internet data bundles coming December, 2016. For example a data bundles of 1000 Naira for 1.5GB may be increased to 1500 for 1.5GB or with 1000 Naira recharge you get 1GB, meaning 500MB less.

If this policy is certainly implemented, its totally not a welcomed idea for the home boys, “cause they be thinking like: Which sane person came up with this idea in the first place“.

This development proves not to be a rumour again reports from Blazer is confirmatory enough. As all you need to ascertain the credibility of the information is to simply hit 181 on your MTN LINE to listen to the voice prompt of the new policy. And also a message which reads, thus:

“Dear customer, please be informed that from the 1st of December 2016, all MTN data plans will be changed in compliance with the NCC directive to all operators”

This policy may be a welcomed idea by NCC, most probably a fund raising scheme for the Government, “how pathetic” it is, at the expense of people even striving to have access to the internet. This will certainly create a potential divide to internet access indirectly or even completely discourage some people from using the internet altogether. All depending on the person’s purse and disposition.

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