How to do NYSC Remobilization

How to do NYSC Remobilization:

In this post, we would show you the steps of how to apply for NYSC Remobilization process through the NYSC portal. It will provide you with the necessary steps and procedures to do a remob via the NYSC portal.

Though, the normal procedure is to apply via the mobilization unit of the NYSC secretariat a Corps member is posted to. But, in this post we would look at the process, using the NYSC portal.

Before we go further lets quickly look at what remobilization of a NYSC Corps Member entails. In a previous post, we learnt how a NYSC Corps member can do a relocation process via the NYSC portal. In this post we would instead deal with remobilization process.

What is NYSC Remobilization:

NYSC Remobilization is the process whereby a NYSC Corps member applies for a remobilization after initially been mobilized to a particular State and failed to serve in that State.

Remobilization is more like the action of mobilizing a NYSC Corps member again after initially deferring the service year. Remobilization is a repeat of service.

When a NYSC Corps member fails to do 3 consecutive monthly clearance or failed to even report to the PPA or even do the service entirely. Then, that NYSC Corps member is assumed to have absconded from the State.

In other for the NYSC Corps member to do the service again and to be awarded a certificate. The NYSC Corps member will have to be remobilized to another State for about 7 months service afresh.

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Normally, the Remobilization portal is open on timely basis for NYSC Corps members that absconded service or deferred it to mobilize again.

The step by step process of applying for remobilization through the NYSC Portal is shown below:

How to Apply for NYSC Remobilization:

  • Firstly, go to NYSC Portal or when remobilization Window opens. To know whether remobilization is ongoing, a tab for Remobilization is shown at the top. Like in this image below:

  • Secondly, login with your NYSC email and Password to continue
  • In the prepayment page that loads fill in your Bio data detailsĀ  and all other details
  • After filling all of the details in the field provided
  • Click on Continue tab
  • Do all necessary steps in the next window
  • Finally use the make payment tab to do online payment.
  • When done. Print out any necessary document.
  • Now sit back and relax for the processing of the remobilization which usually take some months.
  • You can be checking your profile page in the portal to see for any new development.
  • Once you see a new tab appears, like you have been mobilized to and print.
  • Click on the tab to print the remobilization letter
  • Once you print the remobilization letter. Simply head straight to the State, that you have been remobilized to. That is the Mobilization unit of the NYSC Secretariat in that State and tell the mobilization officers that you have been remobilized.
  • Next present the remobilization letter to them for necessary documentation.
  • After the documentation. Ensure you print out the Remobilization Certificate Format.
  • Next, present the remobilization certificate format to the mobilization officer.
  • Failure to present this document to the mobilization officer to post it to NYSC HQ in Abuja might hinder the final collection of the NYSC Certificate when you finally round up with service after the remobilization month has been expended.
  • Therefore, it is essential to print this document, fill and sign it and present it to the documentation officer in the NYSC State you are posted to.
  • After all of the above, steps. A NYSC Corps member has finally finished all the necessary steps of the remobilization.
  • He/She can then continue the service like every other NYSC Corps member and taking note of the monthly clearance.
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In conclusion, the above steps are the procedures for applying for NYSC Remobilization through the NYSC portal. A video description has been given below.

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NYSC Remobilization Procedures and Steps Video:

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  1. Emmanuel

    Thanks a lot for this…really helpful.
    Pls when will the remobilization open?

    1. The best way to know is to keep checking the portal on monthly basis. But, usually it’s after passing out of the yearly batch.

  2. Olumide

    Have being checking my portal for the period of 2 month now,no latest on remobilization,pls any advice?

    1. Keep checking. Especially when re-mobilization date is due. You can also, go to any NYSC secretariat close to you. Seek for the mobilization office. Then you can make inquiry through the mobilization officer on the re-mobilization date and your plight.

  3. Sir/mada I have paid the amount I was asked to pay before I will be remobilized.then I have see my New remobilization State but am confused on what and what can I take to my new place of remobilization. Because I only seen my green card and monthly Clarence’s at the NYSC dashboard.or is there any other registration to be made proper again.

    1. Hi, you don’t need to make any process or make any payment. Just go straight to the State you have been mobilized with the remobilization letter to the mobilization unit of the NYSC State Secretariat in that State. The mobilization officer will document you and other process.

  4. Qomorudeen

    Can someone that have seen his or her name on the Senate list differ it to the next batch because of financial deficiency?

    What is the advantage and disadvantage of not going at the normal time?

    1. Yes, you can. But, you will have to meet the Senate to explain your plight. But, I’ll advice you to just go for the NYSC if you have been shortlisted. So many people pass through so much difficulty before being shortlisted like time lags. So don’t let the opportunity pass you by. Financial deficiency shouldn’t be a problem and not a good reason not to serve. You don’t spend much during NYSC. Please, go for your NYSC. Advantage: “The whole thing is around 10months, Before you know it, it has elapse quickly”. Disadvantage: “You may end up adding several years before eventually being shortlisted again”.

  5. lizzy

    good day,please I need help,I want to remobilize but I don’t know how to go about it plz help me with a guide plz,

  6. Victoria

    Please my name was on the senate list but I didn’t register, now am seeing remobilization what can I do.
    Secondly please do you have any idea about batch c because the remobilization is for b.

    1. The Remobilization you saw was because you were unable to register earlier. So now you have to join the current batch. Best way to clarify your doubt is to simply head to any nearest NYSC camp secretariat in your location. Go to the mobilization office and inquire about your plight.

  7. Olawunmi

    Good day.
    Please are you allowed to choose state when doing re-mobilization?
    am now married and i have uploaded all my document.

    1. Hello Olawunmi,
      You can not choose a State. But, after you have re-mobilized to any of the 36 States. You can always work your way for a relocation. But most times they post you to a State closer to your State of origin.

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