NYSC Relocation Redeployment Process

NYSC RELOCATION WITHOUT PAYING A DIME. This post is all about NYSC Relocation Redeployment Process.

NYSC Relocation Redeployment Process:

It’s no new news that some NYSC Corps member do fall prey to relocation scams whereby their monies are being extorted for the sake of NYSC relocation or redeployment to another State for service.

Before we begin, lets quickly distinguish between NYSC Relocation and NYSC Redeployment. Both terms means the same thing.

But, used interchangeably. In this post, we would be using much of the Relocation. Take note that, both words refer to the same thing.

This post is meant for users who were unable to apply for NYSC relocation to another State during camp and After camp.

To all those NYSC Corps members that don’t have the money to pay to anyone for NYSC Relocation.

To those NYSC Corps members without God fathers to help out. To those NYSC Corps member stuck in a dire situation in a particular State, that the conditioning they are into, are insecure etc.

This post is meant for all of these NYSC Corps Members that are struggling with a major difficulty and need relocate, just out of the State they are in. But, to no avail.

Especially for all NYSC Corps members with genuine reasons for wanting to relocate. And also all the helpless NYSC Corps members stuck  to a particular State they are dying to relocate from.

Also to those NYSC Corps members that have been traumatized in a particular State undergoing all sorts of unwarranted stress and degrading conditions.

Most NYSC Corps members would rather stay to bear these pathetic conditions, but, when there is an option to relocate, Why go through unbearable conditions.

So this post will try to explain how you can go about the relocation process by yourself without meeting any NYSC official.

NYSC Relocation Redeployment Process:

Just follow the due process that would be outlined below. And giving a valid and sane reason for wanting to relocate.

However, so many NYSC Corps members think the relocation process to another State is rocket science when you don’t have the money or when you don’t have someone at the top to process the application process.

Not being aware that there is a provision for the relocation to be made easily, but due to the information gap. They become stuck and helpless.

The main aim of this post, is to show users that stumbled on this post from where ever. The fastest and easiest way, they could do their NYSC relocation at the comfort of their home without paying money or any form of ransom to anyone.

All you need, is to follow the procedures that you would be given in this post. The step by step process you would employ through the application portal.

And how you would quickly craft a tangible reason for the relocation process.

And lastly, an internet connection alongside your computer (desktop or laptop) or a smartphone. And again any other supporting document. (NYSC Relocation Letter, NYSC Medical Certificate Format).

Though, the document can be ignored depending on the category and reason for wanting a relocation. Before we continue.

Firstly, it is important that you should have a reasonable reason why you would want to relocate to another State. Else, it gets unapproved and you are stuck again.

But, don’t worry, the procedures/method which would be shown in this post will most times get you relocated. Except, something unusual happens.

In addition, if you would finally go for the relocation process shown in this post. And happen not to come up with a genuine reason for the relocation.

The relocation to another State may still get approved regardless of your not providing a convincing reason.

It is rather or more like a game of luck. Before we finally drop the steps, lets have a look at the various relocation types. These brings us to the next line.

Types of NYSC Relocation:

  • NYSC Relocation/Redeployment During Camp
  • NYSC Relocation/Redeployment After Camp
  • NYSC Relocation/Redeployment via the Portal

This post, would be based on the third type of NYSC Relocation. Which is the NYSC Relocation/Redeployment through the NYSC Portal.

All you need is an internet connection, a written note you can copy paste to the portal stating the reason why you would want to do a relocation.

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And of course, if you have any valid document to support the process, like a medical certificate.

But if you don’t have any supporting document, you are still fine. You can use based on Security Reasons that only needs you to type in your reason for wanting relocation into the application portal.

The NYSC Relocation medical certificate document sample was covered earlier in this post.

In addition, married NYSC Corps Members, would also need a married certificate to support their application just as in the case of medicals.

Therefore, when you have all the above criteria. It means, you are set to apply. All you need is to continue reading the post to the end. To see the step by step process that would be given.

So you too can apply for your NYSC Relocation without giving any dime or consulting any NYSC official or even going through different stress. But, rather from the comfort of your room.

But before we list out the procedures, lets quickly look at some reasons why posted NYSC Corps Members would want to do a relocation to another State. Because, this will be an important element during the application for relocation process.

Reasons for NYSC Relocation:

  • Marriage Reasons
  • Health Reasons
  • Insecurity Reasons
  • Religion Reasons
  • Climatic Condition Reasons etc.

Though, the first three (3) reasons are the most acceptable of them all. If your reasons doesn’t fall within the, Marriage, Health and Insecurity reasons.

Then, your approval to another State for relocation would not be possible via the portal. But, might be possible via other means beyond the scope of this post.

NYSC Relocation Redeployment Process

So if you have a genuine reason, based on these 3 (three) reasons stated then you can continue with the post below.

And if you don’t have any genuine reasons, you can just smartly create one using the insecurity reason to try relocating.

Marriage Reason:

Married NYSC Corps members are allowed to be re-posted to a location nearer to their family. Most especially for the married females NYSC Corps member. A special consideration is given to them.

Health Reasons:

NYSC Corps members with severe health conditions or special medical conditions that need some form of special medication or care. Can tender health reasons as basis of seeking for NYSC Relocation to a State they deem fit. That their health conditions can better be catered for or managed.

Insecurity Reasons:

Another very important reason a NYSC Corps member can tender for his/her relocation to be considered for relocation approval; is security issues.

Because, NYSC are very cautious about the security situation of any NYSC Corps member. So a NYSC Corps member who happens to be posted to an insecure region in the country.

Can simply apply for a relocation via the portal as would be described soon.

Or also, through other means. A tangible reason given for a relocation request, by such NYSC Corps member would hasten the approval.

Important Documents for NYSC Relocation Approval:

  • In the case of Marriage Reason as a condition for relocation, NYSC Corps members applying for this, would have to upload a valid marriage certificate to the portal.
  • In the case of Medical Reason as a condition for relocation, NYSC Corps members also have to upload a valid Medical Certificate to the NYSC portal for approval of relocation to another State.
  • But, for the case of insecurity, it all depends on how you are able to craft the written application in the portal Stating your reason. Insecurity reason, requires no document.

Below is the step by step process to do NYSC Relocation/Redeployment by yourself through the NYSC portal.

How to Do NYSC Relocation from the Portal By Yourself:

  • Go to any of the NYSC Portals: NYSC Portals or https://portal.nysc.org.ng/nysc2/
  • Login with your email and password
    NYSC Relocation Redeployment Process
  • Scroll down to your profile.
  • Under the relocation tab. Click on it to open.
  • In the relocation Window you will see you profile details. Alongside any relocation history in the past. From the image below. You can easily infer that the Corps member as no previous history of relocation.
    NYSC Relocation Redeployment Process
  • The top contains your State code
  • The next tab is the “Reason for Relocation(Relocation Letter)”. Select either, Marital, Insecurity or Health.
    NYSC Relocation Redeployment Process
  • Next tab is the “Description of Reason”. In this tab you are required to give a valid reason. At least 1000 words of well constructed reasons with appropriate heading. You can do this via a Word processor first. Like Microsoft Word. And then copy paste to this tab after words. But here is a sample of the relocation letter for your perusal.
  • Next, choose the State you want to relocate to.
  • Then if you have any supporting document to cement your application, especially those applying based on Health grounds and Marital. Click on the “Add/View Document” tab to upload a supporting document.
    NYSC Relocation Redeployment Process
  • Then hit the Send Request. Voila! All done.
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Final Note:

It takes about 3 weeks or above for the relocation to be approved through the portal. So a NYSC Corps Member that applied for relocation via the NYSC Portal has to be checking the portal on a timely bases.

Like after a Month of the application. To see whether the application is approved or not.

Most times the application for relocation is approved. But, it is essential for NYSC Corps member to take note that they may not be lucky to the State they have chosen, but might instead be posted to a State close to the region they requested for.

It all depends on luck. It is unclear whether it is a computer algorithm that handle the process NYSC Relocation through the portal or a human.

Also, NYSC Corps Members that didn’t accept the Relocation. Usually, by acknowledging it through their NYSC profile in the NYSC portal within a period of a Month. The relocation would automatically cancel by itself from the NYSC portal. And the NYSC Corps Member doesn’t need to worry.

But, if the NYSC Corps Member who applied through the portal happen to get approved to their desired State. All they need is to follow the procedure via their profile page in the portal to print out the relocation letter after accepting it. And making the necessary payment online.

Then, they can then report to the relocated State for proper documentation. Again if the NYSC Corps Member, fails to do the above, it means the relocation will automatically cancel after the waiting period of acceptance. And the NYSC Corps Member can continue to carry out his/her service in the State initially posted to.

How to Check/Print NYSC Relocation from the NYSC Portal:

So if you have opted for the do it yourself NYSC Relocation Process through the portal as stated in this post. From all of the steps that has been highlighted above, you can then, check whether your relocation has been approved to another State after 3 weeks and above.

And even print the relocation letter via the steps given below:

  • First login to your NYSC Portal as usual, using any of the links stated from this link.
  • Second, scroll down to your profile
  • Click on the Relocation tab
  • Then on the screen you will see the status of your relocation.
  • If your relocation has been approved you will see something like “Relocate to ——-State..
  • Then you can click on the link
  • Make online payment
  • Then print out the relocation letter.
  • Now you can go to the State you were relocated to for documentation.
  • If the State you were relocated to isn’t what you expect. Then, sit back and don’t do any thing. Just log out of the portal. After some weeks the relocation will be automatically cancelled.

In conclusion, this post pretty sums up all the procedures you would undergo for the NYSC Relocation Redeployment Process.

That is, if you want to take the pain of doing it yourself without any intervention.

No need to pay money to anyone. Just try your shot through the NYSC Portal with steps stated above and you may just get lucky to be posted to the State you selected.

Best of luck!. For any ifs and buts let us know in the comment section below. Share this info with your friends too that may be in need of it.

If you need a sample of relocation letter either based on Health grounds or Security…Check this free sample here of relocation letter.

Happy Relocating!.

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  1. Oluyemi christianah

    I wish to relocate out of delta state, but when I want to apply on my dashboard, it only shows relocation based on marital and insecurity reason and I want to apply based on health, how will I do it pls?

    1. Hello, it simply means you can be able to use health as a reason to relocate at the moment. You can try also insecurity via the portal. Or if you still want to apply for it based on health grounds; then you have to meet the mobilization officer or State coordinator.

  2. Babalola sunday

    My relocation was approved and i did paid and print done necessary things but then i didn’t want to relocate again please what should i do? plus it’s stated on the approval that failure to comply will attract sanctions what could they possible do for me? i’m scared. But, if you are still skeptical, you can meet the remobilization unit. Provided you do your monthly clearance and your monthly NYSC stipend is being paid. You are just fine.

    1. Hello Sunday, Don’t worry. You are very save. Don’t do anything. Just ensure you keep on doing your monthly clearance. Provided you continue with your monthly clearance you have nothing to border.

      1. Anonymous

        What could be the possible sanction they can give

      2. Babalola Sunday

        Thanks Farouk!
        I’ve been on different forum and people seems to be talking of one possible way which is to report to the new state.There’s this guy too he hasn’t report there for two months now and an official told him he won’t get his certificate you know how all this news thing work in nigeria so i’d like to know if you know someone who it happen to before and what did he do.

        1. Hello Sunday, the guy that didn’t report there for 2 months should try to report before it gets to 3 months. 3 months without clearance leads to abscondment of service which is like repeating the whole service again afresh. But, if the guy is doing clearance in his present State and his monthly allowance comes in. There is no problem. The problem comes when you don’t do clearance at all in either States.

          1. Babalola Sunday

            Thanks Farouk!
            Justa quick one though what could be the *failure to comply will attract sanctions* what’s the worst thing that could happen.

          2. Hi Sunday, Remobilization or Extension of service. That’s the worst thing that can happen. Try to report to the new State and do CLEARANCE or Ensure you never miss any CLEARANCE in your present State. Are you still being paid monthly allowance?

        2. Golden

          Hello Faruk, I relocated to Kano from Zamfara but I don’t feel comfortable there so I want to relocate again to my hometown. Will it be approved?

  3. hi faruk pls I was redeploy without my concept through my state coordinator… I don’t want to go to the State the relocate me to… pls wat can I do to remain in my present state… quick answer

    1. Hello Pearl,
      Wow! that your State Co-ordinator is something else, for someone to be relocated without his/her awareness. The best thing to do is to meet the State Co-ordinator and tell him point blank you don’t want to go to the State. You are very much ok with your Present State. Give him/her reasons, they all humans. Or better still meet any NYSC friendly official in the mobilization unit and explain your plight. Most probably, if you don’t honor the relocation/redeployment by paying fee or accepting from the portal. It may not affect, provided you continue doing MONTHLY CLEARANCE in your present State. But, I’m not very sure.

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