NYSC Relocation Medical Certificate Sample

NYSC Relocation Medical Certificate Sample:

Hello!, If you are reading this post now, what might have lead you to this link is a prototype of an NYSC Relocation Medical Certificate Sample.

In this post, we would provide users with a sample of the Medical Certificate Sample used to apply for NYSC Relocation to another State.

But, before we provide you with the download link to get a sample in PDF format and also an image you can download directly to your device for perusal.

Let’s quickly dive a little bit into what NYSC Relocation entails and why need for a Medical Certificate to ascertain your health status to make relocation to another State approved.

NYSC Relocation:

NYSC Relocation simply involves the process whereby a NYSC corps member posted to a particular State in Nigeria for the compulsory one year service scheme. In order to give back to the Nigerian society seeks for a change of State.

Normally, to a State he/she deems fit to be able to cope with different underlying circumstances that entails.

Reasons why NYSC Corps members usually seek for a relocation to another State to do their service year scheme are mostly due to one or more of these factors:

Reasons Why NYSC Corps Members Seek Relocation:

  • Security Reasons
  • Health Reasons
  • Religious Reasons
  • Tribal/Cultural Divide
  • Climatic/Weather Conditions

Security Reasons:

NYSC Corps members posted to volatile regions in Nigeria, like Borno State, Yobe State and Adamama State alongside any other States within this climes may seek relocation during or after the NYSC camp.

Relocation based on these volatile regions are usually done with high consideration. Since, already these regions have already been in the awareness of the NYSC officials.

So any Corps member who tenders a relocation is usually approved without further scrutiny.

Though, these regions may not be the only regions that are prone to insecurities issues within the country.

Other regions too can be vulnerable. But, since, only these regions are the popular ones appearing in the news and media.

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People outside these regions living in other climes of Nigeria may tend to have a believe that those regions may be very vulnerable.

While in the actual sense, thousands of people are living in these so called vulnerable regions at peace and tranquility.

But, a new NYSC corps member that’s not used to the environment. That is, the do’s and don’ts, may simply apply for a relocation to another State he/she deems fit when been threatened.

Again NYSC corps members may also seek for a relocation out of non-volatile States within the country based on other security reasons the NYSC Corps Member has identified. For the relocation, to be possible.

The NYSC Corps member needs provide a valid reason to support the insecurity claim in order for the relocation to be approved.

Health Reasons:

Health reasons, is one of the major reasons most NYSC Corps member present to NYSC officials has reason for a relocation application.

For a relocation to another State to be approved. A NYSC Corps Member needs to provide a valid Medical Certificate to support the application process.

Relocation to another State based on Health grounds, is simply a request by the NYSC Corps member to NYSC, to allow the NYSC Corps Member serve in a State that the health condition of that NYSC Corps member can be closely and adequately catered for.

For example, a NYSC Corps member suffering from chronic Asthma, may seek relocation from a dusty prone State to another less dusty prone State.

For example, a Corps member that is posted to a desert region of the country with Chronic Asthma, may seek relocation to any other State that his/her health status can be managed adequately.

Like the Southern part of the country not prone to dust. But, this claim will require NYSC Corps member to provide a valid Medical Certificate from a Federal Hospital that could support the claim.

Whilst a NYSC Corps member that needs undergo surgery or other health related problems can also tender for a relocation with a valid Medical Certificate from a Federal Hospital in the country.

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Sample of NYSC Relocation Medical Certificate:

NB; This document below is to give a glimpse of what a NYSC Medical Certificate Should entail for individuals with varying health conditions that want to apply for one in a Federal Government Hospital. Users should not abuse it.

You can see in this Medical Certificate, the name of the awarding Hospital is Stated on it. The address of the Hospital including the file number of the Medical Certificate document.

Also included in the Medical Certificate document, is the health reason, ailment type, and health conditions the NYSC officials have to take cognizance of. And lastly, the name of the Doctor, signatory, date and Hospital’s stamp.

Below is a PDF and Image (jpg) format of NYSC Relocation Medical Certificate:

Normally, if a NYSC Corps member want to apply for relocation based on Health grounds. The NYSC Corps member, would have to present the Medical Certificate during camp, at the window period given for NYSC Corps member to apply for relocation.

This is like a week after entering camp or so. NYSC Corps member can also apply for a relocation based on Health Grounds or any other reasons by uploading and applying with relevant documents via the NYSC portal.

This means even after camp, NYSC Corps members can also apply for relocation provided they have a valid reason and supporting document for it.

In conclusion, the sample of the Medical Certificate will give users a glimpse of what their NYSC Relocation Medical Certificate should entail when they apply for it from a Federal Hospital in the country.

If you need a sample of NYSC Relocation Letter, you can get it in the highlighted link.

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