NYSC Relocation Letter Format Download pdf docx

NYSC Relocation Letter Format Download pdf docx:

In this post, we would provide you with a sample of NYSC Relocation Letter Format that you can re-write and edit to your taste. Or you can use this sample, to know how to craft your own NYSC Relocation to another State.

A downloadable link will be provided below in both PDF format and Docx document format. You can download it to your device and print it out or do a quick edit of it on your device.

In a previous post, a sample of NYSC Medical Certificate format Document was provided for perusal of any one, that would like to see how to go about getting it a Federal Medical Center. You can check it in this post, Sample of NYSC Medical Certificate Format for Relocation.

Therefore, if you are not sure how you would go about writing your NYSC Relocation Letter. Which usually, is copied to the reason for relocation tab in NYSC Portal for Relocation as explained in this NYSC relocation process post. Then, you can use the below sample as a guide in writing yours.

Sample 1 NYSC Relocation Sample:

Below is the first sample of NYSC Relocation Letter Format both written and in PDF and Document Docx format that you can download after it.

NYSC Relocation Letter Sample (Medicals):

The Director General,

NYSC Head Quarter,

Maitama Abuja,


The State Cordinator,

NYSC Kano State,






I __________________________, with NYSC State code:________________and NYSC Call up

Number:__________________hereby apply for relocation to Enugu State base on my health condition.

I am suffering from Bronchial Asthma with difficulty in breathing and weakness, abdominal

pain, chest tightness and chest pain.

I was posted to GGAS TSANYAWA in TSANYAWA LGA. I can’t leave in this village because

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of my health condition.

They don’t have Medical drug to treat me if I have my bronchial astham attack.

I have been on intranasal oxygen, ventoline, amilophilin, multivitamins,analgesics, hematinics

with cardiac modulator.

All of this drug are not available in Tsanyawa Medical Centre.

I will really appreciate if my request for relocation is approved.

Yours, faithfully,


NYSC State Code:_____________________

NYSC Call up Number:__________________

Download this NYSC Relocation Letter (Medicals) Here:


Sample 2 NYSC Relocation Sample:

Below is the sample 2 of NYSC Relocation Sample letter based on Security grounds. It is available both in PDF and Word Document format in Docx for your perusal. The download links has been provided below it.

NYSC Relocation Letter Sample (Medicals):

The Director General,

NYSC Head Quarter,

Maitama Abuja,


The State Coordinator,

NYSC ________ State.



I ______________________________ with NYSC STATE CODE __________________

and Call up Letter____________________

hereby apply for a relocation to ______________ State based on security grounds.

It is with great fear and horror that I write this piece.

As the events that has been happening close to my residential apartment in the PPA I was posted to has been a rather fearful one and also a devastating one to me.

Because, it was life threatening and I lost some of my properties to it.

Firstly, I was to ______________________LGA of _____________State.

The security condition in this Local Government area is pathetic.

Cases of cultist activities and other nefarious acts of theft had been on the increase within this vicinity.

One death case was recorded last week due to activities of robbers that ransacked the entire neighbor-hood.

As a result, a life was slain and left in a hapless condition.

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Thanks to God, we were able to come out unscathed from the armed men attack with our properties exchanged for our lives.

I lost my smartphone to the robbery attack and also my laptop and my wallet containing 10,000 Naira and also my I.D Card. And it seems Corpers are also a target in this area.

As of the time of writing this post, I have reported the issue to the NYSC Secratariat and applying for a replacement for the lost I.D Card .

To make matters even worse no serious security action has been made to curb the menace that has been going on in this area of recent.

Efforts by the districts heads to utilize local vigilantes has been proven to be abortive.

And since, this location is at the outskirts of the town has made the area to be a kind of neglected.

Please, Sir/MA, I would like to use this medium to request for a relocation. I would be grateful if my application is given a consideration.

Yours Faithfully,


State Code:_______________

Call up Number:______________

Download this NYSC Relocation Letter (Security) Here:

In conclusion to this post, all of the above sample of relocation letters given above should be able to give you a format of how you too can write your own. And then apply for a relocation with some of the links given above through the NYSC Portal.

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  1. Babatunde Gladys

    I want to relocate based on marital ground, I followed the nysc portal procedure and it’s been writing “invalid relocation reason”.
    What should I do?

    1. Try it again, maybe a bug in the portal or so. Or you can meet the mobilisation officer to explain your plight in the NYSC secretariat.

  2. Monsurat

    I just want to relocate form this place cos i don’t like it. Plz which format do u advice me to follow, should it b based on health or insecurity???
    Plz I need an urgent reply

    1. Hi,
      Any method you use will get you a relocation. Just do it asap via online. You might be lucky to be posted to a better State. You will need to be checking the relocation portal on a timely basis to see if it has been approved. If the State you were posted to doesn’t still make sense to you after using the method….don’t do anything else. Just leave the portal like that. It will auto-cancel itself.

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