NYSC Registration Capture Fingerprints via Desktop Client App

nysc-desktop-capture-desktop-client3NYSC Registration Capture Fingerprints via Desktop Client App.
If you do NYSC registration for people or just for yourself and friends. The most daunting task in every NYSC registration is when you encounter difficulty getting past the fingerprint capture page. The problem is caused by mostly the JAVA package used in the computer or driver issues.

Previously there was a post on how to go  about installing the right JAVA and drivers to get past the fingerprint capture page, see LINK. If for some reason that method didn’t work for you or you find it inconvenient, well, there is another method, via Desktop Client. The Desktop client is a new alternative in capturing fingerprint data during NYSC registration. It’s a Windows (Winxp, Win7, Win8,…Win10) based NYSC application, which lets you capture fingerprint data. It does this by providing you with a menu for logging into the NYSC registration portal via the person’s email and password.

Using the fingerprint Desktop client during NYSC registration will help bypass all the unnecessary hassle that comes with settings up your PC to pass the dreaded fingerprint capture page. Download the NYSC fingerprint Desktop Client application now, See LINK. In the download page given in the link, choose the 32bits version of the Desktop client by clicking on the link given in the page. Download and install it to your computer. For latest NYSC news visit.

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How the fingerprint NYSC Desktop client works is that, it lets you login via the user email and password which has been created earlier during the onset of the registration through web browser (Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer). After logging into the portal through the Desktop client application on your PC, you then capture the fingerprint and then continue with the remaining process of the application in your web browser.

The purpose of the Desktop client is to help in bypassing the problematic fingerprint capture page on the web browser following complaints from many users. Using the NYSC fingerprint Desktop Client as proven to be faster especially for people registering for several people and whose browser encountered error during fingerprint capture.

We almost wrapping up on: NYSC Registration Capture Fingerprints via Desktop Client App.

How to use the NYSC Fingerprint Capture Software
  • Make sure you have installed the requirement for running the desktop application on your PC. The requirements are:
    a. .NET frameworks 4 (Most Windows PC comes with this, especially Windows 8—-10). If you don’t have it, Download Here.
    b. Biometrics driver (Download 32bits here / 64bits here)
  • Download the Fingerprint Capture NYSC Desktop Client, See Download LINK. Choose the 32bits version of the app to download and install to your device.
  • Open the downloaded executable file, setup.exe. Next, click to install. Installation requires, use of internet. So make sure your PC is connected to the internet and click on the Run button.
  • After the installation, open the application. Should be on your desktop or the all programs menu. Open the application, See image below. Next, login with the person email and password that have created earlier during the registration process on the Web browser.
  • Capture the persons Fingerprint data. You can continue the remaining application process from the web browser (Firefox, Internet explorer or chrome), since the person data has already been captured by the application and saved to the portal.

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  1. Oyinda

    i have a quick question, what kind of scanner can I use to capture finger print data.I want to do the fingerprint capture from home.

  2. Love

    Can a digital persona 4000 work as well as a digital persona 4500?

    1. farouk

      Yes!, will work also

      1. sky

        are you sure about this?

  3. hardwork.

    when is the batch B registration starting please. i cant seem to find a registration menu.

    1. The batch B registration is already on!. The camera capture stuff is still another hindrance!.

  4. Deeni Fakka

    Hi, i am unable to proceed with my nysc registration due to the fact i cannot get my finger print done. When i open the nysc page, i get stucked at the finger print page. The 2 boxes for the left and right thumb come up but the finger print do not appear on the screen. I already downloaded RTE 64 bit machine for the digitalpersona 4500 fingerprint scanner and jre 8u60. I decided to download the NYSC biometric capture icon and that did not work either.

    1. I get your plight. Actually there are two ways to go about it. You can use the online method via web browser like mozilla, for this method to work you need JAVA installed on your PC. I presume, that’s what you meant, but, you need the right java app for your desktop. Check this post out: https://www.nibbleng.com/download-the-right-java-for-nysc-online-registration-issues/. If this persist, update your java app. The second method is via a desktop client, this requires a webcam and of course the fingerprint scanner. The second method doesn’t need all that Java config stuff to work.

  5. john

    always show valid details required pls help

  6. samuel onimisi

    can this method be used to register for several other candidates, barring in mind that only one email address was used to log in?

    1. FK

      yes! @samuel. You can use this same method to register for multiple candidates. But, you would be required to enter each of their email. One unique email for one individual.

  7. TJ

    can this device be used for monthly clearance ?

    1. Yes. It is the same device that NYSC LI’s use for monthly clearance.

  8. have install the bio client but email required, which email should i use or must i register some where or is it the candidate mail?

    1. Yes. It is the candidate email used in the pre-registration @mr Christian

  9. Dj

    Hi. I have installed all necessary driver or app needed for the fingerprint device. As a matter of fact, I’ve been using the digitalPersona scanner with my system for a while now for other things. The issue I’m having with this NYSC capture client is that, it’s just saying “Can’t initiate capture!”.
    I don’t know what else to do. The web cam part works when I use it for images, but the fingerprint isn’t working

    1. Try using Windows 7 and making fresh installation of everything.

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