In this post, I will try to discuss in detail the procedures, step by step guide, criteria and other tips needed for NYSC registration of Prospective Corps Members (PCM)’s, from various part of Nigeria and outside Nigeria.

Graduates that finished from tertiary institutions outside Nigeria are regarded as foreign students. The documents need for NYSC registration of Foreign students are different from the ones needed for graduates that finished from Nigerian tertiary institutions.

For married PCM’s(Prospective Corps Member) need add more additional documents. In this post, we shall cover all of the procedures for both single PCM’s, Married PCM’s, single PCM’s that schooled outside Nigeria as well as Married PCM’s that finished in Nigeria.

I will also provide a step by step video, probably at the end of the post that will serve as a replica, of what you may need and the steps of registering yourself or registering for several people.

If you are running a business online registration center or any for any other reason. If you do have a question regarding the registration process, do leave a comment behind to address your plight.

Without further ado, let’s get started with: ” How to do NYSC online Registration for New PCM’s: Step by Step Guide.”

NB: Before we continue, let’s address some few things. This guide will provide you with a glimpse of what to expect during the NYSC registration process and serves as a guide if you don’t know how to go about it.

The steps and website design may change or get updated for fixes by NYSC, since the registration portal isn’t a static one. It changes with new requirements and upgrade, have at the back of your mind, the process always remain the same, thus, this guide becomes handy!. As it provides you with an overall view of the registration process. 

Why learn about the NYSC Fresh Registration Process for new PCM

  • If you have the prior Knowledge of what’s needed during the registration process, you can prepare before hand.
  • The registration process last for 2 weeks, if you are unable to complete the process before the time elapses, you have to wait for some other intake batch.
  • Swift registration ensures you are able to secure a state you have in mind to serve(Not a guarantee)
  • If you are a foreign student, you will have knowledge of the documents needed.

Before we continue Let’s delve into the requirements you need to complete the Registration process of NYSC including relevant document.

General Requirement for Fingerprint Biometric Upload

  • Digital Persona Biometric Fingerprint Device. (you can get it in the market or purchase online, see link)
  • Install Digital Person Biometric Drivers to your computer. (Use LINK to get Drivers)
  • Connect the fingerprint device to your computer
  • Download the NYSC Desktop Biometric Client app to your computer and install using the NYSC link.

General Requirement for Passport Profile Upload in NYSC Registration

  • A mobile phone camera or camera device
  • Ensure the background of the image to be captured is almost white or white in colour.
  • Use the resizing technique and brightness optimization tips given in this post to resize the KB file and also to make it suitable to be uploaded to the NYSC database. See link

Requirement for NYSC Fresh Registration of Graduates of Nigerian Tertiary Institutions

  • Jamb Number
  • Matriculation Number

Documents Needed During The Registration Process of Fresh PCM

The documents required to upload to the NYSC portal can either be an image file in .jpg format or PDF format. And also 200kb in size or less. Any document above this size will not be upload.

So you are required to scan or snap the documents and use the resizing techniques given to reduce the size of the picture in kb.

USE the Resizing Techniques Given in this link below:

“How to Reduce Size of Your Picture in KB Manually”

Below are the Documents required. This document are required mostly by foreign graduates and married female PCM(Prospective Corps Members).

If you are single and graduated from a Nigerian tertiary institution all you need is your Jamb number and Matriculation number, including dates from start-finish of primary-secondary and tertiary institution.

#1. Document Needed for Female Married Graduates of Nigerian Tertiary Institutions

  • Marriage Certificate
  • Certificate Showing Change of Name/Affidavit
  • Evidence of Utility Bill
  • Document Showing State of Residence of Husband
  • Document showing Husband Identity

 #2. Documents Needed for Foreign Graduates who schooled outside Nigeria


#3. Documents Needed for Female already Married who schooled outside Nigeria


Married female graduates are mostly mobilized to State of Residence of Husband. That is married females have special considerations given by NYSC.

Also, you may be given special consideration to be deployed to any State in Nigeria based on Health grounds. You are also to required to upload documents of your claim, which usually required a health certificate and also signing from a Doctor.

Read also:  NYSC PPA Posting Letter

Whatever, documents you uploading to the NYSC portal and for whatever reason ensure it is below 200kb in size. Use the link given above to learn how to reduce image size in kb to the desired size you like.


The first step for NYSC registration of newly mobilized prospective corps members, that is graduates that want to partake in NYSC from within and outside tertiary institutions of the country is to first go to the main NYSC Portals to locate the tab for fresh Registration.

#1. Enter the NYSC main Portal for New Registration

The NYSC main portal for new registration as well as already registered users is given below. Choose any of the link to gain access:

After going to the portal via your web browser. Choose the Fresh Registration option by clicking on the link.

  • Fill in the required spaces given of your email address (Ensure you use an email you have access to, preferably GMAIL.  If you don’t have Gmail Account, Create one using this link and make sure you have access to your inbox.
  • Select a Secret Question with answer
  • Then, click on the Continue button.
  • Go to you email inbox and check for the NYSC registration link.
  • Click on the link give to continue with the registration process.

The next step is filling out the fresh registration form in the new link where you are required to provide some bio data and academic institution record alongside  a suitable password you can remember for getting into the NYSC portal.

#2. Filling out the NYSC Fresh Reg. Form















  • Select country of study
  • Select the institution
  • If you studied in Nigeria( Enter Jamb Registration NUMber)
  • If you studied in Nigeria(Enter Matric Number)
  • Select your program type
  • Wait for the portal to load your Information automatically below the page.
  • If you studied in Nigeria, and after putting your Jamb Reg and Matric Reg. and Selecting programme type the portal didn’t come up with your information below the page, ensure you have input the right information.
  • Type in password you can easily remember in the password field. This will be required for subsequent login and to continue the registration afterwards.
  • Type in your mobile number in the required field and any other detail required then submit using the tab below to continue.

Now go back to the NYSC Portal and Login with your Email and Password to Continue with the Biometric capture process as well as uploading other documents, filling out some Bio information and selecting required states you will prefer to be deployed for your 1 year NYSC service in Nigeria.

The third Step is the Fingerprint Biometric Capture Process and Photo Upload. See procedures below.

#3. NYSC Fresh Registration Fingerprint Biometric Capture and Photo Upload

NB2: There are two methods to upload your fingerprint to the NYSC Portal. The first one is using the link from your web browser in the portal like shown above.

The Second method is by downloading NYSC Biometric Client Desktop Application for your Computer.

We recommend you use the second method, because it is easier and faster compared to the first one.

Below is the procedure to upload your profile picture and fingerprint bio information using the second method:

#4. Download NYSC Biometric Desktop Client

Go to NYSC Biometric Portal to download the NYSC Biometric Capture Client using this link below:


Here is the steps given below:

  • Download either the 32bits file of the biometric or 64bits file of the biometric depending on your computer operating system bits. This post will help you with bits type is your computer operating system: Know your PC bits type.
  • Install the file to your computer.
  • If you have installed either of the files above; click on the Install button.
  • Next click on the launch link.
  • Locate the Desktop Biometric client app from your computer and open it
  • Login with your email and password already created in the first steps.
    NYSC Biometric Capture Client: Fix Photo Upload & Fingerprint Capture
  • Use the link given below to see detail procedure of editing and uploading photo and fingerprint info.
  • Upload your picture and also Biometric fingerprint. Use link below to properly set it up without having issues.
  • Click on the Save Details to upload the information captured to the main NYSC portal via the Desktop Biometric Client.
  • After successful upload, you will get a notification message in the application.

USE This LINK: How to Upload Fingerprint Biometric and Profile PHOTO Using NYSC Desktop Client Application.

This link given above contains detail guide of how you can quickly upload your fingerprint details and upload your photo to the NYSC data base. It includes both tips you will need.

If you follow the guide in the link properly, you won’t face any difficulty uploading your fingerprint and photo, which is the most difficult task during the registration process.

Read also:  NYSC Certificate (Collection & Replacement Procedures)

Here is the link again just for a reminder: NYSC Fingerprint UPload and Photo upload tip

Skip the link Step above, if you have already downloaded and setup the NYSC Biometric Desktop client for your computer. Here is the procedure to setup the NYSC Desktop Biometric Client app for your computer if you have not set it up already.

#5. Fill BioData form in NYSC Portal

  • After uploading your picture and Fingerprint. Go to NYSC Portal using this link; portal.nysc.org.ng/nysc2/
  • Login in with your Email and Password
  • Fill out your Biodata form
  • At this point, under Health status, if you have the required documents and Doctor Statement, you can put option as not healthy in order to get posted to any State of your choice. If you choose this option, upload the Doctor Statement for status.
  • After filling out all of your Bio information, click Save and Continue at the bottom.
  • Fill out other details in the Next Step of Education (Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Institution)
  • After filling up education info, go to the bottom and click save to continue
  • In next step, fill up other details like Language spoken, shoe size and shirt size. ( For foreign PCM fill out your Passport Number).
  • After filling up required information; At the bottom of the page, upload your Digital Signature. See steps below:

How to Upload NYSC Digital Signature in Form Filling

  • Choose the Use Scanned Signature option.
  • Wait for the page to reload so that you can upload a signature.
  • Use a pen to sign your signature on a paper
  • Use your phone camera to take the picture of your signature on paper
  • Transfer the photo to your computer
  • Edit the photo so that the image file will be less than 7kb. (Edit using Paint.net or Microsoft Picture Manger or both of them combined)
  • Click on the Choose file to upload your signature edited to the NYSC portal.
  • Click on the Append Signature button to initiate the upload
  • Wait for the upload to complete. You will see your signature just at the bottom.
  • Click on the Preview option
  • Preview all your information entered in case of a mistake
  • Select your desired States (Usually 4 of them)
  • After selection of the States and Previewing, Click on the Submit option
  • For Foreign PCM (prospective Corps Members) of NYSC upload required documents when prompted from the portal. Ensure the document is in jpg picture format or PDF and is also less than 200kb in size. Use resizing tools in KB to resize to the desired KB size. Documents include:
    • Complete Transcript of the Degree or HND Programme
    • First University Degree or HND Certificate
    • International Passport Data Page
    • Original O’Level Certificate(WAEC, NECO, NABTEB or equivalent)
    • Student Visa/Residence Permit
    • Visa Showing Date of Arrival to Nigeria
    • Visa Showing Date of Departure from Nigeria
  • For Married PCM(Prospective Corps Members) who schooled outside Nigeria Upload required Documents:

    • Complete Transcript of the Degree or HND Programme
    • Evidence of Marriage (Marriage Certificate/Affidavit)
    • Evidence of State of residence of Husband
    • First University Degree or HND Certificate
    • Identity of Husband (Driving Licence, National ID etc.)
    • Letter from employer/Utility Bills
    • Newspaper change of Name
    • Original O’Level Certificate (WAEC, NECO, NABTEB or equivalent)
    • Student Visa/Residence Permit
    • Visa Showing Date of Arrival to Nigeria
    • Visa Showing Date of Departure from Nigeria.


For PCM(Prospective Corps Members) who schooled in Nigeria don’t require upload of document at the final stage of the application. Since, all of the Documents have been captured by Jamb and the Senate to the NYSC Portal.

However, married female PCMs who schooled in Nigeria and Married Female PCMs who schooled outside Nigeria will be required to upload Documents as shown above before clicking on the final submission button. This is also inclusive for foreign PCMs either married or not married.

Voila!, here comes the end of the post for any questions drop a comment below in the comment section.

A video showing step by step process will be uploaded soon below, just in case, you find anything difficult about the registration procedure. OK! bye for now!.

Requirements for NYSC CAMP ADDENDUM

After the whole registration phase. You get your call up number alongside the your State of posting in Nigeria usually after a week or so. You need the following requirements to show up to your State of deployment in NYSC CAMP:

  • i. Persons who studied In Nigeria should bring To camp: Degree HND Certificates Or Statement Of Results, Personal Identity Card from Institution of graduation.
  • ii. Foreign graduates should bring For verification, original copies Of ALL their uploaded credentials And travel documents including International passport.
  • iii. Foreign graduates are To ensure that academic paper(s) In Languages other than English must be translated into English accordingly; both versions must be presented For verification at the camp.
  • iv. Medical/veterinary Doctors, Dentists, Pharmacists, Optometrists, Physiotherapists Nurses And Public Environmental Health graduates should bring their professional licenses Or certificates Of full registration issued by their professional bodies.

Note : Above Is for your information And necessary action.

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    1. Works well. That is the new alternative method.

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    Please which banks are available for nysc payment for letter printing

    1. Most of the commercial banks via Remita. But, the easiest, is to use the online system via your master card. The current price is around N2800

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    Can I open another email and re-register? Hope there won’t be any consequence?
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  5. Williams

    After submitting i got an sms saying i should re-upload my o’level certificate but when i log in i can’t find a place to do that can you help me out.

    1. After logging into your dashboard. Under your profile. You should see where you can upload.

  6. Esther

    What can I upload as evidence of husband residence? and I didn’t see any page to pick state during my registration, I am in the page of uploading the five documents. I am a married female PCM. Please help

    1. Hello, Ma, You can use like Utility Bill, bearing his name. If you didn’t see your State of residence to select. You will be automatically posted to your State. Cheers.

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    I am glad for the response thanks, please how true is the extension for Batch B 2019 registration.

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    1. Nope. They won’t. Unless, it’s WAEC.

  9. Beauty

    What about foreign student that lost their passport will there be where they can upload their new passport data, police report and affidavit since that’s what is required for stolen passport as a foreign student

    1. Hi, Beauty,
      Yes there is also a space for all that. Usually under the additional document upload option. So you got nothing to worry.

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    1. Hi Williams,
      I don’t think so. Just do your normal passport upload. Showing all the relevant pages. If there is any issue, you would be contacted via email or text message on your mobile or in the portal dashboard for clarification.
      So just upload it and be rest minded. Good Luck Williams.

  12. Williams

    Hi farouk, please I’m a foreign graduate supposed to graduate in 2018 but spilled over 1 year.
    And my international passport expired since 2017. I’ve been using my school id to travel. I hope there won’t be problem uploadeding my expired passport with last department since 2017?

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