NYSC Certificate (Collection & Replacement Procedures)

NYSC Certificate:

In this post, we would provide useful information for users on the steps of collecting their NYSC certificate. And also, steps for applying for a possible replacement of NYSC certificate when one lost his/her NYSC certificate.

Most of these small issues can be done via the NYSC Portal. But, collection of NYSC Certificates can’t be done through the NYSC portal.

In a previous post, on applying and replacement of NYSC exemption certificate. We looked at the difference between the normal NYSC certificate for corps members that went through the 1 year scheme and NYSC certificate of exemption.

In this post, we would instead, focus on the latter. Which is the normal certificate awarded to NYSC corps members after completion of their one year compulsory service scheme.

Where to Collect NYSC Certificate:

Normally, certificates are awarded during passing out parade ground of the State in which a NYSC corps member is posted to.

That is, after completing the service months. And also, in the mobilization unit of NYSC secretariat of the state in which a NYSC corps member has been serving.

Certificates can also be collected at the NYSC head quarters in Abuja (NYSC HQ), usually when the NYSC corps member fails to collect the certificate at a speculated period from the various States NYSC secretariats.

Terms of NYSC Certificate Collection:

  • Certificates are awarded to NYSC corps members that have been duly discharged from their employers after showing clearance letter, CDS and ID Cards.
  • NYSC certificate is issued to NYSC State Secretariats from the NYSC Head Quarters to deserving NYSC Corps members that have fulfilled the 1 year criteria for award of certificate.
  • NYSC Corps members under any form of Loan with respect to NYSC are only awarded certificates after full repayment of such loans.
  • NYSC Corps members with disciplinary case(s) are not certificated until the corps member have been cleared.
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How to apply for NYSC Replacement of Lost Certificate:

Well, one can not get back a reprint of the lost NYSC certificate. Whether the certificate was involved in a Fire outbreak, got lost, was torn etc. owing to the NYSC scheme policy.

But rather, in such unforeseen situations a letter of Comfirmation is granted to the NYSC Corps Member instead as proof of the 1 year service.

Which can also serve as the NYSC certificate. Below is the procedure to apply for a replacement of the NYSC Certificate:

In incidence of loss of NYSC Certificate of exemption, the following procedures are required to get a replacement.

  • Firstly, a Police Report/Extract stating the plight of the NYSC Certificate
  • Secondly, a Court Affidavit
  • Thirdly, a letter of introduction from the State in which the NYSC Corps member was discharged of service. Which means the service state.
  • Fourthly, if available, a copy of the lost NYSC Certificate.

Lastly, for NYSC Certificates with error inside them. Mostly error in spelling of the corps member names.

Applying for NYSC Certificate Correction:

It is possible to apply for a correction. Therefore, on receiving NYSC certificate. If a NYSC Corps member notice any mistake in the certificate.

Firstly, the NYSC Corps member is required to take the certificate to the State Certification officer for possible correction.

If the error in the NYSC Certificate is within the boundary of the NYSC. That is, not from the tertiary institution, the corps member had graduated.

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Then the error is corrected without involving the institution. But, if otherwise, you may read this post on NYSC Exemption Certificate to gain more insight.

If the NYSC certificate has been corrected. One can retrieve it from the NYSC HQ(Head Quarters) in Abuja, by simply coming along with the following important documents:

Documents Needed During Collection of Corrected NYSC Certificates

  • Valid I.D. Card
  • Handwritten application
  • Letter of introduction from the NYSC State Secretariat address to the Director General.

In conclusion, this post has given an insight on the various steps, criteria, documents and requirements to be met before one is awarded NYSC certificate.

And also in the case of a replacement and correction of the NYSC Certificate. Steps have been also given to easily go about that.

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