NYSC Allowance

NYSC AllowanceIn this post, we would shed some light about the NYSC allowance. Which is N19,800 but, there has been plan for an upgrade to N30,000 in correspondence with the National Minimum Wage. That was newly effected.

But before we delve further, firstly, let’s look at what the program is all about.

NYSC which is known as the National Youth Service Corps is a programmed that was introduced by former Head of State of Nigeria, General Gowon.

The aim of the program is to train and drill youths that just graduated from tertiary institutions in different locations in Nigeria to be able to face life challenges. And the most important goal of the program is to enhance national unity in the Nation.

Since Nigeria is a multi-ethnic settings. With people from various fields of lives, culture, mind set, way of think, tribes, religion and cause.

Thus, the need for such harmonizing program abounds to foster cohesiveness and tolerance in the youths. Who make up a large aggregate of the nation.

NYSC has been in existence since way back. The program is a national program in the country whereby university and polytechnic graduates undergo a camping program.

The camping program is a slight military drill which takes place in various NYSC camps of the federation.

After the camp program and orientation, usually referred to as NYSC Mobilization. Corps members are then posted randomly to various parts of the nation to serve in various agencies, private sectors, schools and other recognized functionaries.

These various functionaries, schools and government agencies, corps members are posted to, are referred to as, NYSC PPA’s.


Which is known as Place of Primary Assignment. Usually Corps member are to serve for a period of 1 year in their various PPA’s.

During the cause of service. Corps members are usually reimbursed by the Federal Government of Nigeria with a monthly take home stipend.

Which brings us to the main reason for the post. The monthly stipend is called, NYSC Allowance.

NYSC Allowance:

The NYSC allowance payment is handled by the FG of Nigeria. The amount is 19800 Naira. And it comes to the account of the NYSC Corps members from various banks(GTB, Access, UBA, First, Union, Zenith, Heritage, etc) in Nigeria at the end of the month.

But, there has been plans by the FG to upgrade the allowance to 30,000 Naira. Following requests and suggestions from prospective corps members and the general public.

It is only a matter of time before this new N30,000 for corps members is fully passed into budget and law and implemented.

More so, the implementation of the new minimum wage in the nation has also sparked proponents of the increase to further gear up with request. But, critics, in the other hand, say the budget of the FG may not be able to carter for teaming numbers of corps. Thus, the status quo N19,800 still veers on.

NYS State Allowance:

There are some States in addition to the monthly stipend disbursed to corps members by FG, further go on to pay corps members an additional stipend by the State Government from around 10, 15 to 20 thousand Naira.

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Examples of such States include the likes of Enugu, Maiduguri, Kano and so on and so forth.

You can also look up the top NYSC States you can vye for deployment with a good State monthly pay.

NYSC PPA Allowance:

In addition to the Federal Government N19,800 Stipend and some State’s 10, 15 to 20 thousand Naira Stipend. Some, corps members are lucky to get high paying PPA that pay from around 20 thousand Naira and above for their monthly service.

Thus, a corps member serving in a State can earn: N19,800 (FG Stipend)+ N15,000 (State Stipend) + N50,000 (PPA Stipend) on Monthly basis.

Totally around= N85,000 Naira. There are some corps member that earn way above this. All depending on the State deployed to. And the PPA.

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