Npower No Pre-Selection List: Simply Bypass and Check Ur’ Status

No Pre-Selection List Npower 2017: How to Troubleshoot nd’ Check 

You stumbled upon this website, probably because you were faced with difficulties in checking for your Npower Selection Status, or a friend’s status or a friend of a friend’s status or some other reasons. The post below contains step by step process to check if you were short listed and the possible trouble-shoot you can use, when, you experience difficulty inside of the NPOWER PORTAL.


But before that, let’s begin with some INTRO’S:


You would agree with me that this kind of program that’s mostly political driven is bound to face some challenges here and there. Just as in all other program of similar formats introduced by previous Governments that have gradually faded away.  But, this NPOWER stuff has been one of the most beneficial to the youths, as it has been able to at least grab some bytes of the youths populace with some extra coins to quench their state of distress after putting so much hope in the Government to put jobs to their tables. But, left in complete state of awe to face the reality of “The Job Scarcity for the teaming youth Population” especially the ones, who have gone through the four walls of the tertiary institutions.



Enough of all the intro, let’s delve into the main topic: Checking of your NPOWER SELECTION STATUS. Today of writing this post being, 21/11/2017, Yesterday, NPower applicants were directed by the organizers to check their portal around 11:30PM in the night for their selection status. Many people were left in a state of surprise as even the: “Check your pre-selection status” button that was supposed to be on the website absconded. Leaving the applicants with no options than to continue reloading the page and searching for the missing button through out every pixel detail of the portal:


But, this shouldn’t be a surprise at all because when loads of traffic, that is millions of traffic hits a webpage on a server, you would expect the website to crash if it can’t take the whole load. That is the case of the NPOWER website, see image below.

You would all agree with me, that most websites for this kind of programs are built with low specs server, from a more technically view, these servers are considered mediocre to handle for the expected traffic expected to hit the pages on it during urgent announcement that brings traffic hitting on the pages. Just as, in the case of the NYSC portal and other similar registrations portal that have gone blank, slow and faced with various inadequacies that leave users scorned for a quick fix.

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Whatever!,  whether the webpages have been built on mediocre low specification servers or not, one shouldn’t put too much expectations for a hitch free process, especially as the case of the NPOWER, even SONY, HBO and other foreign websites hosted in United States have experienced major down time during major announcement like this: NPOWER PRE-SELECTION LIST CHECKING.


At least, the NPOWER team have took to Nigeria’s most popular forum to calm nerves down!, with an apology message, read thus as: We Apologize To The Men And Women Who Kept Vigil With Us From 11.30pm




The official website to log- into Npower Website is : Type into your browser’s url address bar or hit this link to go to NPower official site. The General updated link to check your NPOWER PRESELECTION STATUS USING BVN IS: You can check using the link via your BVN. If you don’t know your BVN, simply dial *565*0# to check with your phone.


#2. Check your Pre-Selection Status

The next, step is to check for your pre-selection status, to do this, look for the pre-selection status tab around the website, if you couldn’t see it don’t worry, use this direct link for:


#3. Query with your BVN, Name or Phone Number

In ther search box, type in your Name or Phone Number or Email Address or BVN details number.

#4.  Status Update

If selected, you details, that is your name will pop up in the portal


#5. SMS Reception

Afterwards, you will in turn receive SMS and email to your mail with a congratulatory message on your pre-selection.


#6. Physical Verification

Next, prepare for physical verification, slated for between 27/11/2017 to 8/12/2017.


For any If’s and But’s leave your comments below. Facing problem with loading the portal, like page still refreshing. For NTEACH applicants you can use this direct link to check your NPOWER PRE-SELECTION STATUS,


You can also use this link for direct access to the STATUS page: Eventually, one of the links, should work for you. Just keep trying, keep reloading………….

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If you still weren’t able to load the links listed above, use this link:





If you have tried all of the methods mentioned above without success, use this procedures listed below to try again with an updated URL:

  • Go to the NPOWER STATUS CHECKING in your web browser by typing in the url field: or click on the link, see image above.
  • Next, type inside of the field given: Mobile Number or BVN your details. Forgot your BVN number!, then, dial: *565*0# on your mobile phone.
  • See image below
  • Click on the button with: GOOD LUCK
  • Wait for the web server to return the details
  • If selected, a congratulatory message is displayed below like the image:
  • If not selected, you get this instead:

After checking your online status, if not selected don’t worry! Many people also didn’t get a confirmatory status of selection from the website but, still received SMS text via their mobile phone. Whatever the case, you either stick to checking your status online or wait for SMS. Either case, if selected, you should get a success message from either SMS or from the portal or even both of them.


Below is some snippet of selected applicants for the NTEACH Npower 2017 Program. Download the list, but don’t worry if you couldn’t find your name in the list, because, it’s just some few ones, we were able to grab before the portal went down. GoodLUCK.




NPOWER Latest Updated How to Check your Status Pre-Selection


If you didn’t receive the text message, and you are facing problem checking use this new updated LINK to check your preselection status:


NPower: Distress Calls and Information


For Distress calls or for any inquiry call the NPOWER CALL CENTER LINES:


  • 09060000445
  • 09060000446
  • 09060000447
  • 09060000448h
  • 09060000449
  • 09060000450
  • 09060000451
  • 09060000452
  • 09060000453
  • 09060000454


  • 09055555960
  • 09055555961
  • 09055555962
  • 09055555963
  • 09055555964
  • 09055555965


  • 09099998401
  • 09099998402
  • 09099998403

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