NIMC National ID Card Collection is ongoing: Check Ur’s Here!

NIMC National ID Card: Check Ur’s Here!

NIMC ID Card collection is currently on for collection, check yours whether it’s ready. The announcement was made by the National Identification Management Commision:


Here is how to check ur’ NIMC Card Status:

  • Click on this LINK shown below
    NIMC Card Status LINK
  • Click on the button “proceed”
  • Enter your First Name in the Field provided
  • Enter your Last Name in the Field provided
  • Enter your last 6 digits of your NIN document printed during the registration process.


NB:¬†The new National ID card explained by the NIMC Director, can serve as a cash card used in making payments; also for withdrawals on ATM’s. The card will be imposed to become a necessity as a pass in travelling out of Nigeria, particularly,¬†West African Sub-Region.

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27 Responses

  1. Alhassan Shuaibu Yaman says:

    The NYC official who registered me mistake in written my name instead of Alhassan Shuaibu Yama, he went and write Alhassan Shaibu Yaman which he omitted “U” in Shuaibu. Please i want it to be corrected before print out

    • farouk says:

      Should lay your complaint to the officials. That is, where you got registered!. When something as trivial as getting an ID, is Rocket Science, here!, Sighs!.

  2. Bola Ade says:

    Thnks 4 the information shared!. I was able to check mine..I tried my friends nin, its saying till next week

  3. Joshua says:

    I did mine back in 2013 till date, is unavailable… because of this, to some extent, I feel like there is nothing like NINC sef. so disappointing. for how long would I continue with the slip. sickening!

    • farouk says:

      same thing here! though, a friend of mine was lucky to get hers. The collection is still up in the coming weeks. You should keep tab of the link. Perhaps, yours may be ready! Who knows. Quagmire!, that’s the buzz word of this space.

  4. Victor says:

    When ready will it be sent to the centre u did the registration? I did mine this year may and I can wait to receive it with all these acclaimed loaded functions.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Please is cross river barch ready

  6. JACOB EYIBIO says:

    This card is long overdue. I registered since 5th July 2013 and up till now not ready, too bad. Oga Director do something.

  7. JACOB EYIBIO says:

    The worse part of it is that government/banks don’t honour the Slip given .

  8. Arotiba says:

    I registered when this exercise began, It should be in 2000 or 2001 but I am yet to receive it

  9. adams says:

    Pls, how much can one get a Canadian Visa. With the way things are going ehh, wondering what 2020 will be like

  10. Isaac Ameh says:

    Stumble upon this, I was able to check mine, after 6 years. I tried somebody own returned nothing. Thanks 4 sharing!

  11. Amaka says:

    I registered mine since 2015 uptil Now have not heard anything from them

    • farouk says:

      Hit the nimc link below, though!, 50/50 percent chance

  12. YAHAYA says:


  13. YAHAYA says:


  14. aziken says:

    Pls min is not ready since 20003

  15. habib sabitu says:

    am ready to see mine.

  16. Anonymous says:

    please this national identity card should Carry to grass root to peoples living in rural area ,for me I want to do my still June but some time the workers are not in my local government .

  17. Victor says:

    I lost my slip they gave me after registration. What do I do to get it back or to check my status online?

  18. says:

    I don’t av any nimc at all

    • farouk says:

      Inquire about any NIMC center in your area and give it a try

  19. Jemi says:

    Please what last 6 digit number is required to check. On my slip I can only see a tracking ID number which is a combination of digits and letters. Pls help, I am confused.

  20. samuel joshua attah says:

    I did my registration since 2013 and they telling me is not still ready, for how long will I continue with the slip?

  21. Tasiu says:


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