New Nigerian Passport

New Nigerian Passport

The New Nigerian Passport comes with better features, an overhaul of the entire page design and also a decade lasting. Yes!, a decade, 10 years before thinking of renewing. Sounds cool right?, but, it’s almost thrice the price of the former.

A glimpse of the Nigerian Passport. The Nigerian Passport is usually issued to citizenry of the Nigeria to serve as a criteria when leaving the Nigerian shores.

The New Passport is now an e-passport. Electronic passport. Classified into Standard or Official e-passport.

New Nigerian PassportThe differences between the Standard and Official e-passport of Nigeria depends on the intention of use.

Types of Nigerian E-Passport:

  • Official e-passport
  • Standard e-passport

Official e-passport:

This passport type is meant and reserved for top government officials in Nigeria or Diplomats. Usually when they travel for summit outside Nigeria or for other things within or outside Africa and also other Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS).

Standard e-passport:

This is the type of passport anyone can apply for in Nigeria. Provided you are a citizen of the country.

How to Apply for the New Nigerian Passport:

You can apply for the New Passport by going to the nearest Nigerian immigration office in your location or by visiting the online application service to apply online via NIS -E-passport page.

New Nigerian Passport

Applying online for the New Passport is pretty straight to the point:

  • Just go to the NIS url given, NIS epassport.
  • In the page, under passport type tab, select e-passport
  • In the processing country tab, select Nigeria
  • Click on the Start Application Button to begin application
  • Next page takes you to where you enter your Bio information
  • And lastly, after filling the necessary information and uploading the desired document(s) needed
  • It takes you to a page where you can make payment via your Mastercard or Visa Card
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Price of Nigerian New Passport:

The price of the Nigerian New Passport cost N70,000, registration inclusive.

Period of Validity:

The New Passport is valid for a period of 10 years also comes with enhanced security.

Features of the New Passport:

  • The New Passport (e-passport) is made from a Polycarbonate material. So, it’s more rugged and can withstand not so favorable weather conditions as compared to the former.
  • The New Passport which cost 70,000 Naira contains 64 pages with 10 years validity
  • Other versions of the Nigerian Passport which are less pricey include, the 64 page New Passport with 5 years validity costing 35,000 Naira while the 32 page type cost 25,000 Naira with also 5 years validity.
  • Nigerian citizens above the age of 18 have options to choose between opting for the 5 years or 10 years new passport. While those below the age of 18 are only eligible to the 5 years type.

Random Pages of the New Passport:

Here are some random pages of the new passport. Showing different cultures of Nigerians in what looks like a watermarked image.

New Nigerian Passport

The passport seeks to tell more about Nigeria as a whole. It shows the various things about Nigeria.

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