MTN Simple Server not Working!!! Here’s a little trick

MTN Simple Server not Working

If you are using your phone for wireless hotspot or
tethering over usb follow this quick step:
1. Goto your phone settings and try locating your phones access point(APN).
the process of locating the access point vary from phone to phones.
But for most android phone its usually:
settings⇔mobile networks⇔Sim⇔Access point names.

Simple Server not working

2. The default for MTN is Proxy: and port:8080
Simple server not working


Simple server not working


3. Try creating new APN:
with the settings:
name: any name
the remaining settings should be left empty.
Simple server not working


4. Save the new apn, and activate it.
Simple server not working


In addition if the new apn created stops connecting to the internet,
switch to the default one. If the default stops connecting switch to the previous apn created in step 2.
Another useful trick is to usually switch off the data and on again.
if you are using internet modem. Locate and create a new apn
With proxy settings: port:8080.

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  1. oke

    Good day. Is browsing on phone or PC still working with Simple Server? Thanks in anticipation of your prompt response

  2. Farouk

    The VPN stuff on MTN had stopped working long ago, This post its kinda of old.

  3. oke

    Many thanks @Farouk

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