How to Configure MTN Simple Server PC, Desktop, Computer

MTN Simple Server PC/Computer Settings


MTN Simple Server for PC 2016 allows you to use the MTN BBLITED Plan to get access to the internet for 24hours after subscription with a 5gig bandwidth allocation on your laptops and desktops. The speed is incredibly fast in areas with significant  3G/4G MTN network. Simple Server may also work for Weekly BBLITEW Plan and Monthly BBLITEM plan but that I haven’t tested.

Glimpse into the subscription codes:

BBLITED*216*3*1#24 hours70 Naira
BBLITEW*216*3*2#7 days350 Naira
BBLITEM*216*3*3#1 month1000 Naira




Will shall use the BBLITED plan at 70 Naira for 24 hours for simple server on PC.
To subscribe simply dial *216*3*1#.


How to Setup MTN Simple Server on PC/Desktop

  1.  Step one download simple server here
  2. Open the .zip file and extract the folder named MTN BIS SS to your desktop
  3. If you encounter difficulty opening the zip file, probably your system doesn’t have archive software, get winrar here and install. If it opens you just fine
  4. Setup your web browser with the following proxy server.  proxy: port:8080.  For more details check this article on how to configure a web browser to use a proxy server
  5. On your desktop locate the extracted folder MTN BIS SS
  6. Open the executable file named SimpleServer by double clicking.


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[dropshadowbox align=”none” effect=”lifted-both” width=”auto” height=”” background_color=”#ffffff” border_width=”1″ border_color=”#dddddd” ]MTN simple Server 2016[/dropshadowbox]


Simple Server 2016


Connecting Your Computer/PC to Internet


Connecting your PC/Desktop to internet. This can be achieved by using a Modem, Mobile phone or tablet has wireless hotspot or tethering over usb with your device which has a SIM, already subscribed with BBLITED.

If you are using Modem configure your modem with the below APN settings:


Access point:


Create an optional access point which works when ever the MTN1 isn’t workings, with the following settings


Access point:


Choose MTN1 as the default for the modem or MTN2.


Note: If MTN1 stops working switch to MTN2. And if MTN2 stops connecting completely switch to MTN1.


To connect your PC/Desktop to internet via your mobile phone/tablets etc. repeat the same step as in the Modem case. Create two access points with the above settings. Choose either of them as default for accessing the internet. To see an example of the process of setting up access point on a device check here.


After doing that and activating either MTN1 or MTN2 as default APN. Then ensure the simple server is active as in step 5.


Open up your web browser and start surfing!!!
Note: Remember simple server application must be active always. If it stops connecting to the internet after a while, disconnect and reconnect your Modem network connection if youare using a Modem.

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For mobile devices/tablets turn off the network Data and turn it on again. Then try browsing. If that didn’t work after much disconnection and reconnection, switch to the optional APN in step 6. Reconnect in the case of Modem, turn on the data for mobile/tablets or  Check this little tip here.

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