Message Of The NYSC Director-General To The 2016 Batch A Corps Members

Message Of The NYSC Director-General To The 2016 Batch A Corps Members

My dear Compatriots in National Service. 

I feel higly delighted to convey this maiden and historic message to you as you step on the threshold of giving selfless service to the Nation as members of the NYSC Scheme. I therefore bring you felicitations on behalf of the NYSC family nationwide as you come on board the ship of nation building which will be on sail for the next twelve calendar months.

May I warmly congratulate you on your success in your various qualifying examinations that availed you the opportunity to be called up for the Service which no doubt resulted from your years of hard work, diligence and sacrifices.

It is my earnest expectatiton that you will exhibit the same level of zeal and commitment tat saw you through your various academic puursuits in all the duties that shall be assigned you in the course of the Service Year. The National Youth Service Corps Scheme comprises four cardinal programmes namely: Orientation Course which ushers you into the Service Year progressing to Primary Assignment and Community Development Assignment. The last of the programmes but not the least is Winding-up/Passing-out. Every corps members must successfully pass through the listed segments in order to qualify for Passing-out at the end of the Service Year.

The Orientation programme is designed to prepare you for the challenges that lie within and ahead of the Service Year. Thus, you will be exposed to drills, lectures, Skills Acquisition and Entrepreneurship Development trainings as well as Inter-Platoon Cultural and Sports Competitions so as to prepare you adequately for leadership roles.

I am happy to inform you that in the last few years, the Scheme has been raising a crop of entrepreneurs imparted with various Skills as a veritable answer to the sobriquet “After NYSC, what Next?” – an often asked rhetorical question. A good number of them have become employers of labour with verifiable thriving businesses dotted across the length and breadth of the Nation. It behoves you to toe the worthy footpath of your predecessors by keeping into the Skills Acquisition and Entreprenuership Development programme.

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On this note, it is pertinent to aver that the NYSC Camp is not a bed of roses. You will experience some minimum discomfort and little incoveniences in the Orientation Camp which may task and stretch your patience almost to a breaking point. It is all part of the training. The camp is a microcosm of Nigeria with youths from different social strata, cutting across the differnet religious and ethnic groups in the country co-habitting. Accordingly, tolerance must be your watchword all through the duration of your stay in the camp. I enjoin you to coexist peacefully, breaking into new frontiers, establishing new and sustainable friendships cutting across all ethnic nationalities so that Nigeria shall continue to forge ahead as one united, egalitarian and indivisible entity.

At the end of the Orientation Course, you will be posted to the different nooks and crannies of the State to continue with other phases of the Service. You will be duly out briefed by your State Co-ordinator on all you need to know about the Service as what I am giving you are just snippets.

My dear patriotic and virile youths, let me hasten to add taht the NYSC Orientation camp is a highly regimented environment. Hence, there will be curtailment of your freedom. Discipline and decorum must be your guiding principle. On this premise, it is worthwhile to state that the Scheme has various rewards and sactions that come at the end of the Service year. We have as reward: Local Governement Award, State Honours Award and the President’s NYSC Honours Award that goes with various benefits including automatic employment into the Federal Civil Service. Grading of recipients starts from the camp. Therefore, it is incumbent on you to start distinguishing yourself in whatever duty that shall be assigned you from the camp and all through the Service year. In the same token, those that run short of the NYSC Bye-laws will receive appropriate sanctions ranging from extension to repetition of service. It is needful to charge you to read all the publications that will be given to you in the camp in order to be conversant with the do’s and don’ts of the Scheme.


My dear children, you are Ambassadors of your families, State and Alma Maters. Never do anything that will bring their name into disrepute. Also, it is highly imperative that you endeavour to bbe security conscious at all times. Study your environment properly. Stay away from trouble spots and never embark on unauthorized journeys outside the State as it may attract sanctions apart from other associated risks.

In the final analysis, ensure proper acculturation and integration into your host community. You must as a matter of courtesy respect their cultures and traditions and steer clear of their taboos and local politics.

I commit you into the hand of the Almighty God as you serve the Nation. May the Almighty God be your guide.

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