How to Print NYSC Remobilization Certificate Format

How to Print NYSC Remobilization Certificate Format:

In this post, we would provide you with steps on how to print NYSC Remobilization Certificate Format. The NYSC Remobilization Certificate Format is very important document required in the State mobilization office of a remobilized corps member.

Though, after your documentation in the State you were remobilized to, most NYSC Corps member don’t even know what a Remobilization Certificate means or entails. Or it’s severity when not being tendered.

And to make matters worst, some officers in charge of the mobilization may forget to call the attention of the NYSC corps member to this. Thus, is more like, is the duty of the NYSC Corps member to know what this document means and to tender it to their office.

This post, will help clarify what the NYSC Remobilization Certificate means and how you can print and submit it to the mobilization unit of the State you were remobilized to in NYSC.

Among the documents required by a remobilized NYSC Corps member. That is what is expected of you to present to the mobilization unit during documentation or after documentation, is the NYSC Remob Form or rather the Remobilization Certificate Format.

NYSC corps members who deferred service, absconded and were absent entirely due to some reasons in the service year after being mobilized initially; are thus, remobilized in the coming year as a penalty for absconding.

Usually remobilized corps members are to do a repeat of the whole service. But, this time, it normally will not span the complete 12 months. Since, other months have been used in NYSC camps and during documentation at state LGA’s. So we talking around, say 7/8 months or there about.

What is NYSC Remobilization Certificate Format

Remobilized NYSC corps members are usually required to provide what they call: “NYSC Remobilization Certificate Format”. This document is required for documentation in the mobilization unit of the new state the corps member have been posted to.

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The essence of the document, is to provide details of the corps member in the former state initially mobilized and also details of the new state remobilized to.

Like, the new state code, new call-up number, new state and as well old state code, old new call-up number, old state.

Other details included, in the Remobilization Certificate format, includes, a letter headed NYSC format, Name of NYSC corps member, mobile phone number, Passport photo of the NYSC corps member, NYSC logo and Signatures.

What happens if a Remobilized Corps Member Fails to Provide the Certificate Format

Failure to submit the NYSC Remobilization Format printed document by the re-mobilized NYSC corps member to the mobilization unit of the State secretariat the NYSC corps member is posted to, usually will affect issuance of the NYSC CERTIFICATE, during the end of the service.

Thus, in order to avoid such happening, it is highly advisable that, after a NYSC corps member have completed his/her documentation when being mobilized to a particular State in the Country.

The NYSC Corps member, should in turn go to the mobilization unit of the State secretariat of NYSC. He/She has been posted to, and tender the Remobilization Certificate Format document.

After the Remobilization Certificate Format has been submitted by the NYSC Corps member. The mobilization officer, will then access the document and sign on it.

After the reception  of the certificate format by the mobilization officer. The officer sends the document to the Head Quarters in Abuja.  Where the NYSC Certificate of Remobilized Corps member would be processed. Alongside other corps members certificates, that would complete service in same period.

This brings us to the very essence of the post, how do a NYSC Remobilized Corps member, print out the Certificate Format online to tender to the mobilization unit.

How to Print out NYSC Certificate Format Document

  1.  Go to the NYSC Portal, using any of the following url:
  2. Login into the portal
  3. Type your email address in the username field and Password in the password field and login
  4. Click on the Print your Certificate Format tab after logging into the portal
  5. Click on the Print Certificate tab below to print it out via a printer.
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Final Note on Remobilization Certificate Format

In conclusion, the above steps are the procedures you would have to follow to print out your Remobilization Certificate Format document. You can see, the process isn’t that difficult. If you are print for yourself, a friend or family member. All you require to be able to get access to the document, is the login details of the NYSC Corps member.

Remember it is essential for the NYSC Corps member that have been remobilized to provide this document at the the Remobilization Unit of the NYSC Secratariat, the NYSC Corps  member have been remobilized to.

Failure to do the above may cause delay in issuance of the NYSC Certificate and even other unexpected complications. To avoid this, it is important for the NYSC Corps member to submit this document to the mobilization officer in the NYSC secratariat posted to.

Any comments should be tendered in the comments section below. Read and Share this important information to your friends. Someone might just need it, in your network.

NB: If a NYSC Corps member is unable to log into the dashboard of the portal. Thereby, making it impossible for the NYSC Corps member to print out the Remobilization Certificate Format Document. The NYSC Corps member, should simply, visit the ICT unit of the State Secretariant posted to, and make complaint. The ICT unit will inturn print out the Remobilization Certificate Format.

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  1. I have’nt gotten a message orany information corncen remobilization slips and certificate format and I have undergone all the necessary procedure of the remobilization process as I was directed by the nysc mobilization department. What can I do now to get my message in order to proceed on my service service

    1. Hi, Obandeoche.
      The Re-Mobilization message will almost never come. Firstly, follow the steps given in this tutorial. What you would do is to simply login into the NYSC Portal to check the Status of your Remobilization.
      If your re-mobilization has been processed. You will see the slip which can be downloaded from the portal and printed out. Also, in the dashboard you would also see the Certificate Format. Now all you need to do is to go to your remobilized State of service. Go to the NYSC secretariat Mobilization Office and Tell them you are a REMOB. Then give them the slip and do your necessary documentation. After which they would request for Certificate Format too which will be submitted to the HQ in Abuja.

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