NYSC Biometric Capture: Fix Photo Upload & Fingerprint Capture Problem

NYSC Biometric Capture: Fix Photo Upload & Fingerprint Capture ProblemFix Photo Upload & Fingerprint Capture Problem

The biggest problem faced during any NYSC registration over the past years, is the problem of getting pass through the fingerprint and photo upload step during NYSC registration of newly mobilized fresh corps members. Thus, NYSC released, Desktop Biometric Capture Client application for Windows computer which lets users to upload their fingerprint bio and face photo/picture using computer application; rather than, the traditional web format via your browser, which initially required setting up JAVA; and all the rigorous steps to get the JAVA to work well with the Fingerprint Biometric.

So, the new NYSC Desktop Client Application provides an alternative way of uploading both the face photo/picture and the fingerprint application to the NYSC database,  but, this alternative way also, has certain specification that needs to be met. Like, quality of face picture, size in KB, width of photo and also quality of fingerprint being captured. If any of the specification isn’t met, you will be unable to proceed with the next stage of the NYSC fresh registration process.

In this post, am going to address this two problems, with also their current fix and how to quickly get past those two stages, so as to let you quickly select the top most wanted States in Nigeria for NYSC service program.

Often you find people struggling getting past this two stages (Fingerprint and Photo upload) of the NYSC registration for fresh corps members even after 3 days after the portal has been open, for commencement of the registration process for various people that have gone past the walls of tertiary institutions in different States across Nigeria.

With these steps to come below this post, you will be able to quickly register for yourself and friends immediately when the portal is open. Whether you run a business of registering people for NYSC registration or want to do it by yourself this post becomes handy enough. By the end of the post, you will get some tips to get past through these daunting stages with just a click.

Many people that don’t know of this hints may spend several hours, even days to get their fingerprints and photo capture uploaded via the Desktop Biometric Client application. Worst still, they may completely fall victim of not been able to register for the process resulting in mobilisation in another stream or date. Or resulting in not being able to choose their desired states.

Without further ado, let’s delve into this quick tips you can apply to get through all of the difficulties you may get during fingerprint and photo upload in NYSC BIOMETRIC CAPTURE CLIENT application on your computer.


Problems faced During NYSC Photo Capture and Fingerprint Upload (Desktop Client)

The Passport's Background is not Off-White or Face does not cover Substantial part of the Passport

  • The photo is not a valid Human Face
  • The Left fingerprint is of low quality
  • The right fingerprint is of low quality
  • The photo file size is too large
  • The Left fingerprint does not corresponds
  • The right fingerprint does not corrresponds
  • The Photo background is not of white
  • The photo Does not occupy most part

If you get any of this errors or all of it during capturing your fingerprint or uploading your photo to the NYSC BIOMETRIC CAPTURE CLIENT use the below procedures to get past the stages hassle free:

How to Capture Photo/picture and Fingerprint in NYSC Biometric Capture Client

  1. Ensure the 32bits version of NYSC BIOMETRIC CAPTURE CLIENT is running on your computer. Use this link to set it up, if you have not already set it up before. SEE LINK.
  2. Ensure you have installed the Digital Persona Driver for the fingerprint scanner on your computer. If you have not done that already, use this link to set it up.
  3. Connect the Fingerprint scanner to your computer
  4. Open the NYSC BIOMETRIC CAPTURE CLIENT  application from your computer
  5. Log in using the email you used to register and also with your password
    NYSC Biometric Capture: Fix Photo Upload & Fingerprint Capture Problem
  6. After going to the upload section. First upload your picture/photo should be less than 19KB size. Must be of White background and must be bright so as to clearly identify the face. To make your photo have all of this features, simply skip this steps and go below to see how to properly edit the photo. To check size in Kilobytes of your photo, right click on the image, then go to Properties. From my photo, you can see it’s 14.9KB.
  7. Next step is to go to capture your fingerprints by first placing the left thumb on the fingerprint scanner, then click on the right thumb option and place also your right thumb. You get a notification to repeat same step, by placing your left thumb, afterwards right thumb again. The click on the Continue button to send the details to the NYSC database. If done correctly, you get a notification at the top of the app, that your details have been captured and updated.
  8. Next, proceed to the NYSC portal ( Link 1 or Link 2 Link 3 Link 4) to continue with other steps of the registration process by logging in, with your email and password.
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As simple as the above steps may seem. It may take forever to get past through the fingerprint and photo capture step using the NYSC Desktop Biometric capture application. Below are the procedures to easily get past the two steps on your computer effectively.  When you use this method below, you will be able to simply the process such that you can get easily get past through the fingerprint and photo capture process in 3 minutes.

Follow the step that will be given step after step:


  • Microsoft Picture Manager ( To get this photo app, you need install Microsoft Office 2010); around 1.57Mb in size.
  • Paint.net Editor( Use Download link); around 1.5Mb in size.

Edit and make your photo fit for Upload in NYSC Biometric Capture Client without Errors

#1. Using Microsoft Picture Manager to crop and reduce size in Kilobytes of  NYSC profile Picture

  • Place a white clothe or material that is nearer to white behind the person face to be taken in order to ensure a white background image
  • Use your phone camera to snap the face of the person picture: like in this image below:
  • Ensure the background of the photo is at least nearly white or white in color.
  • Send the image to your computer via bluetooth or USB file sharing.
  • In the folder in your computer open the image with Microsoft Picture Manager or Right click on the image and open it with Microsoft Picture Manager.
  • At the top menu side of Microsoft Picture Manager, click on Pictures, then click on Crop; to crop the appropriate section needed in the image. See image below:
  • Click on OK, at the right hand side of Microsoft Picture Manager to make the cropping effect.
  • Still on the right hand side, Select compress option to web pages and then click on OK tab below; this will ensure the size in Kilobytes in reduced to a smaller one. See image below:
  • Now, go under File section at the the left top side of Microsoft Picture Manager, and save the picture using the option of Save as.
  • Then, type in another name you can easily remember and then Save it to any desired location on your computer. See image below:

Voila! we are done with the first section. The next, section is final step to make the size in Kb of the NYSC picture even smaller and to brighten the image and background so as to ensure you don’t get an error when you uploading it, using the NYSC Biometric Desktop Client; errors like, “this image isn’t a valid human face” and so on is avoided using this method.

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#2. Using Paint.net exe to reduce size in Kb and brighten the background of  NYSC profile Picture

This step is the final step, of editing the photo to make it fit into the Desktop Biometric client application without any error message.

  • Open the image you have already edited using Microsoft Picture Manager using Paint.net exe or Right click on the image and open with Paint:
    Example given below
  • At the top side of Paint.net editor, go to Effects>>Photo>>Glow. See image below:
  • Click on the Glow option to make the background image all white and also to brighten the face of the image. Which is a necessary step if you want to get past through the image upload step in NYSC registration.
  • In the Glow option, under Radius, click on the button cursor,
  • Then draw it to the left end side as shown in the image below:
  • Click on OK to save
  • Go to the top side under File option and choose Save as option.
  • Save the NYSC profile image with a different name. See image below:
  • After clicking Save. Another menu automatically pops up, where paint.net will provide an option where you can optimize the size in KB.
  • To optimize the size, At the left top side under Quality option, set it to be below 18KB. That is around 17kb and click OK to save the picture. See image example below:
  • Voila! all done. You will observe the image is now brighter and the background is also white.

If you have followed the steps given above both using Microsoft Office Picture Manager and Paint.net exe desktop application, your photo will be fit to be used with the NYSC desktop Biometric application without encountering popular errors listed at the beginning of the application process.

Since, the image is now ready! after going through the editing phase via Microsoft Picture Manager  and Paint.net; we can now proceed to the next step of uploading the photo in the NYSC application process via Desktop Biometric client application.


How to upload Edited photo and Fingerprint in NYSC Registration via NYSC Biometric Client Desktop Application

  • Open the NYSC Biometric Client application on your computer
  • Login with your registered email and Password.NYSC Biometric Capture: Fix Photo Upload & Fingerprint Capture Problem
  • Upload the edited image after going through the two editing process provided above
  • Connect The fingerprint Reader(Digital Persona) to your computer. If the Fingerprint reader is not working,  “Download the required drivers given the link”.
  • Capture the fingerprints following the steps as explained at the beginning of the post.
  • Click on the Save Details to continue uploading the info to the NYSC Portal. Wait for the process to complete.
  • Voila! all done. You will get a confirmation pop up. Now you can continue with the rest of the NYSC Registration via any of the NYSC Portals given:
    https://portal.nysc.org.ng/nysc4/, https://portal.nysc.org.ng/nysc1/, https://portal.nysc.org.ng/nysc3/, https://portal.nysc.org.ng/nysc2. /.



Also for people who may not understand all of the written procedures, a video tutorial showing the whole NYSC registration process, including tricks to overcome all the difficulties in uploading an image or fingerprint will be given below very soon. So keep checking by!.

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  1. umar saheed

    guys! abeg wen i dae thumb print. d scanner no accept my left thumb at all. so na my middle finger later accept as thumb. abeg shey am save

    1. You are very safe. Don’t worry. When you want to do Fingerprint verification at NYSC Camp or clearance, remember the fingerprint thumb you used.

  2. Maniera Pace

    informative and it came in handy

  3. Jane

    Hello. Please I have tried quite a number of passport photos, and these method but still the error message is ‘face does not cover substantial part of the passport’
    Registration ends in a day and some hours, what do I do?

    1. Send me a photo of your passport. and ur login details to info@nibbleng.com or drop ur number here, let me give u a call. I will help you out with the editing. Then resend back for you. But this method works, if you follow the steps by steps.

  4. Peter

    Someone thumb printed for my Sister as she was sick and admitted during NYSC registration.what is the repacaution

    1. You will have to sort out the problem during camp at the NYSC ICT unit. The problem is that she wouldn’t get past the physical verification process during camp because of the fingerprint. And if the State she was posted to do clearance via thumbprinting, that means she has to go for the manual method instead. If the issue isn’t rectified.

      1. During the biometric capturing stage, both fingers has been captured but on clicking on save details I do get an error which says ” Fingerprints quality is low”. Please what do I do in a case like this?

        1. Hi, you tell the client to wash the finger with soap and water. Then, you help hold the clients fingers, place it on the fingerprint scanner by exacting tangible force and swipe it to scan.

  5. Ugwa john O

    Tried doing finger prints for some client and it keeps telling me dah low finger print equality.

    1. The client should wash the finger print with soap and water. Then you keep trying. Should work.

  6. holardeji

    Pls I keep getting low image quality what should I do

    1. Just follow the steps appropriately as described. You should be fine. Many people have used this steps to get past this stage.

  7. Olamilekan Adeniji

    For someone abroad can another person do the fingerprint for me back home since i only want to collect exclusion letter without actually serving

    1. You will need to contact NYSC. If exclusion letter doesn’t require going to NYSC camp for the orientation program. Then you can. But it’s mostly likely you can’t.

  8. Peter Dan

    how can i get he Biometric software

  9. Ade

    pls for over an hour i keep getting, fingerprint is of low quality, pls what do i do about this.

    1. Tell the person to wash the hands with soap. Then, you hold the finger and slide it on the fingerprint reader by pressing it very well and sliding. Once you do that a number of time you should get the one that works. In each process, once it shows fingerprint low quality. Try to start again by selecting start in the software.

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