Download the right Java for NYSC Online Registration Issues

nysc-java-registration-issuDownload the right Java for NYSC Online Registration Issues.
Part of the challenges encountered during NYSC registration is the problem of inability to pass through the fingerprint scan page. Many people may spend days to by pass this issues without any hope lest you switch to another registration center that got lucky in passing that finger print scan page. See image below to see how the Fingerprint scan page looks like, it could be quite frustrating most times.



If you happen to find yourself with such weird issues or just want to avoid such issues before hand during the Fingerprint section during the NYSC registration, issues like: “error com.digitalpersona.onetouch.jni.JniException” or com.digitalpersona.onetouch.capture._impl.DPFPCaptureFactoryImpl$″ and so on. See image below, then use this quick step below to fix it.


error during fingerprint process of NYSC Registration


It is recommended to get the JAVA Runtime 6/7 to fix this dilema plus other fixes and recommendation that will come towards the end of the post. So download the JAVA Now Asap!, LINK>>> Lets continue from there.

Fix for the NYSC Fingerprint Registration Stage
  • First Install the right Drivers for Digital Persona Biometric Scanner, See LINK. If your Digital Persona already works fine with your PC, skip this  step.
  • Install Firefox browser. Recommend browsers for NYSC online registration are: Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome. If you already have them skip this step.
  • Next Download and Install this JAVA R, see LINK. If you have done that already skip this step again.
  • Next configure Java to use Medium security settings. To do this open Java from Control Panel on Windows or from all programs menu or search for Java Control Panel.
  • Go Under Security options. See image below. Set the security pointer option to medium.
  • Click on Edit List of sites a dialog box should then open. Add all NYSC url to the dialog box and save.
  • Add and click ok.
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Next is JAVA R settings on the Browser: Recommended browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome. Firefox is used as an example.

Browser Java Settings
  • Open Firefox. Click on the menu icon. Click on Addons. See image below:
  • Enable Java R if it isn’t enabled



Finally restart your computer and see how on your next registration it walks past the Fingerprint scan page.

  • Install clean Windows 7 OS on the PC you want to use for NYSC registration
  • Install the Biometric Drivers from the LINK given above
  • Install Java on the Windows from the LINK given above
  • Use Firefox Browser
  • Configure Java to use Medium security for the NYSC website
  • Make sure Firefox Java TM addon is enabled.

If you still encounter the same problem then Uninstall Java 6 or 7 and Install Java 5 from this LINK. ‘Repeat all other process above. The problem is that the NYSC registration portal works with old Java. So Java 6,7 or 5 will do the trick.

If that doesn’t still work for you or you find it inconvenient, there’s also a new alternative introduced by NYSC to easily get past the Fingerprint capture page without error. The new method is via Fingerprint Capture Desktop Client application on PC, LINK>>>>Read more.

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