Download Digital Persona Biometrics Drivers For NYSC Online Registration

vfttDownload Digital Persona Biometrics Drivers For NYSC Online Registration by using either of these links 32 Bits Download or 64 Bits Download. Part of the essentials for the online NYSC registration requires prospective corps members submit their finger print data to the registration portal. If you do online NYSC registeration for other people and in return get paid or you have all the materials to do the registration yourself, you need a Digital Persona Biometric device. You can purchase the device on ALI EXPRESS or from a computer shop.

Download Digital Persona Biometrics Drivers For NYSC Online Registration

Old Version Of Digital Persona

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Now that you have your Biometrics Device, the next step is to connect it to your computer. You would notice at first, the device seems dormant ( No light indicator to show whether its fully operational) after connecting the USB cable to your computer. The next, step is to make your Biometrics functional by installing the necessary Drivers on your computer. For the Biometric Device to fully recognize your computer you will need to install the necessary drivers on your computer to enable communication between the Biometrics and your computer.

The purpose of this article is a follow up guide on how to effectively install the Digital Persona Drivers to your computer.

Download Digital Persona Biometrics Drivers For NYSC Online Registration

New Version Of Digital Persona

Steps Of Effectively Installing The Biometrics Drivers On Your Computer

  • Connect the USB end of the Digital Persona Biometrics to your computer.
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  • Download the required Drivers for you Computer by clicking either of the links 32 Bits Download or 64 Bits Download. Check this quick tutorial to know if your computer operating system is 32 Bits or 64 Bits based. Download either of the Drivers depending on your Operating system type.


  •  After downloading the .Zip file. Extract or open the file on your computer and install. If you are unable to open the Zip file, its probably due to the fact that your computer does not have archiving software like WINRAR already installed. Download and install WINRAR here if you don’t have one your computer.


  • After waiting for successful installation of the Drivers. Its recommended to unplug  the Digital Persona Biometrics device from the computer and restart the computer. After the restart, plug in your  Digital Persona Device and place your thumb on the Biometrics screen scan. A beeping light will pop up to indicate normal operation.


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  1. Please sir,

    Thanks for the article.
    Just that I am having issues with the Biometric Installation. Giving error to Startup. How do I fix the error?


  2. farouk

    What kind of error in starting up…but, anyway, this article should help u out:

  3. ohajianya lveth

    good sir
    i am having issues of low quality, it captures but will tell u low qulity and cannot be uploaded

    1. Use your mobile phone to take a clear picture again. Then, use the process shown in the tutorial step by step. You will get. It works 100percent

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