How to buy Cars Online from Nigeria Custom Auction

Buy Cars Online Nigeria Custom Auction

Buy Cars Online Nigeria Custom Auction.

This post shows how you can easily buy cars online via the Nigerian Custom Auction service. It gives details of step by step process any one can employ to get a car or vehicle that suits their taste.

Cars in Nigeria Customs Auction Service are available in different price tags, shapes, sizes, models, mileage, etc. It is left for the car buyer to choose the car that fits into his or her budget according to the various auction prices being flaunted.

Nigeria Customs E-Auction:

Bidding for cars in the Nigerian Customs Service is employed via the E-Auction service. Normally, cars that are auctioned out for bidding via the online platform are cars that have being contraband and seized from smugglers in various borders of the country.

Types of Cars in Nigeria Customs E-Auction:

Notable mentions of model of vehicles available for auction via the Nigeria Custom Service NCS include the likes of Toyota, Mercedes, Rolls Royce, Lexus, Honda etc.

Buy Cars Online Nigeria Custom Auction

Prices of Cars in Nigeria Customs E-Auction:

Prices in auction start as low as 250,000 Naira to up to 1.5million Naira and beyond. Depending on the model of the vehicle, type, demand and auction starting price tag.

Intending buyers can simply login to the Nigerian Customs Service NCS E-Auction portal to select the model in the auction listings alongside their respective prices.

Requirements to Buy Cars from Nigeria Customs Service E-Auction:

  1. Intending persons must have a valid TIN acquired from FIRS and working E-mail address
  2. Intending persons must pay Administrative non-refundable fee of N1000 Naira
  3. Refund and Replacement is not issued after item have been auctioned
  4. Successful bidders are to make full payment within 5 working days. Failure to meet up the 5 days payment deadline will result in item being auctioned out to the next highest bidder.
  5. Successful bidders are given 2 weeks ultimatum to collect items from warehouse
  6. For overtime cargoes, bidders that won the auction shall pay 25 percent as shipping line and terminal operation fee
  7. One can place up to 2 bids at a go for each bidding window
  8. Successful bidders shall claim item with evidence of payment slip/bank receipt with exception for applicants that used e-payment platform
  9. Proper means of identification. (International Passport, Voters card, National ID and Driver Licence)
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Below are the step by step process to make a bid of cars in the Nigerian Custom Service E-auction portal.

Process of Nigeria Custom Service E-Auction:

  1. Start
  2. Trader Registration as Bidder
  3. Participation Fee Payment
  4. Creating Auction
  5. Bidding Process
  6. Automatic Selection of Winner
  7. Payment
  8. Releasing of Goods
  9. Ending

How to place a Bid of Car in Nigeria Custom Service NCS E-Auction:

  1. Go to the URL, of the Nigerian Custom Service NCS,
  2. Click on Agencies at the top left side of the menu
  3. Click on NCS, doing this takes you to NCS page @NCS
  4. Click on e-Auction at the left pane menu side in the drop down list
  5. Register for a new account or login in with an already existing account by using the  user Login icon to the top right menu side.
  6. Recharge e-Wallet by using any stated bank of your choice from the portal
  7. Participate in a bid by perusing through the various auction cars listed in the portal via all auction page: NCS Auction.

For more details of the step by step process to place a bid from the Nigeria Custom Service NCS E-Auction portal Download this PDF Document:

Download NCS-Nigeria Customs Auction Procedures

The steps given in this post are important steps required, you would need to make a bid of cars listed in the Nigerian Custom Service E-Auction portal.

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