Best States for NYSC in Nigeria

Best States for NYSC in NigeriaThis post is all about the Best States for NYSC in Nigeria. It is important to choose a good State for NYSC, especially during the mobilization or remobilization process when doing NYSC Registration.

Choose an appropriate State for the NYSC Program may amount due to several reasons like Security challenges, health reasons, NYSC allowance and so forth.

When you make a wrong choice of State to serve in NYSC, you can always apply for a relocation at the various NYSC secretariat in the Nation stating your reason for demanding a change of State, usually by using a relocation letter format or applying via the web page dashboard.

Therefore, in this post we have made a list of some of the States with best reviews over the years by past corps members.

Here are my top pick states for intending youth corps For the NYSC current Batch. These picks are based on the current:

Criteria of Choosing State:

  • Economic trend
  • Population
  • Security
  • Monthly State allowances
  • Competitiveness
  • Ability to save money while serving
  • High tendency to be retained after serving
  • Flexibility in accommodation
  • and most importantly, Ease to start up a small business

Which is also important in influencing the change we have all been anticipating For diversification of the Nigeria Economy in this present era.

Here is a snippet of states for a supposedly incredible service year from myriads of States in Nigeria.

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Best States for NYSC in Nigeria

  1. KANO
  5. ENUGU
  6. KEBBI
  9. LAGOS
  10. ABUJA
  11. SOKOTO
  12. TARABA
  13. NIGER
  14. BORNO
  15. OYO
  16. OGUN
  17. OSUN
  18. DELTA
  19. RIVERS

Your choosing any of these states is based on your volition. People pick where to serve based on their personal choice and interest, plus other reasons.

If your intending state for the new NYSC Batch is not on the list…drop a comment below. To tell us why you think the State should be in the list. Any why it’s the best.

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