After NYSC Relocation What Next

After NYSC Relocation What NextAfter NYSC Relocation What Next? is one question that mostly confuses new NYSC corp members on what to do after a successful NYSC Redeployment  to another State in Nigeria.

Before we delve into the next steps NYSC Corp members need to do after relocation. Let’s quickly look at some reasons a NYSC Corp member would like to do a possible relocation.

Reasons for NYSC Relocation

There are quite a numbers of reasons for NYSC Corp member to initiate a relocation to another State. Some of the reasons, include, Health, Marital, Insecurity, Climatic Conditions etc.

Usually to apply for relocation NYSC corp member would either go for the offline process or the subtle online process by applying by themselves, via the NYSC Portal which was earlier covered in a previous post (NYSC Redeployment ).

This now bring us to next phase. After a successful relocation. The first thing that the NYSC Corp member would do is to first head on to the NYSC Portal to print out the relocation letter.

After NYSC Relocation

Below are the necessary steps a NYSC Corp member would embark on immediately after NYSC relocation.

  1. After printing out the relocation letter. Which usually contains details of the State and NYSC secretariat. The corp member would have to travel to the State and locate the NYSC State Secretariat.
  2. After getting to the Secretariat, the NYSC corp member would head straight to the mobilization unit/section of the NYSC secretariat.
  3. After getting to the mobilization unit, the corp member then presents a copy of the relocation letter to the mobilization officers
  4. The mobilization officers would then do documentation for the corp member
  5. After the documentation process and filling of account number for disbursement of the monthly NYSC allowance, the corp member would then have to wait for auto-posting to any random PPA in any of the LOCAL GOVERNMENT AREAS in the State.
  6. Auto-posting of NYSC corp members usually take between 3-7 days or less depending on the level of commitment of the posting officers in the ICT unit.
  7. Thus, the corp member would have to visit the mobilization office on timely basis until the PPA letter is ready.
  8. Once the PPA letter for posting is ready. The NYSC Corp member would then head straight to the PPA (Place of Primary Assignment) under the Local Government Area he/she was posted to.
  9. After getting to the PPA. The Corp member would either be accepted or rejected by the PPA.
  10. Either case, the Corp Member would have to report to the LI for Documentation process.
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Additional Notes:

If the Corp member is accepted by the PPA, the corp member would then request for an Acceptance Letter from the PPA.

The Acceptance Letter can be written or typed in a computer system with the school details appended as letter heading.

Now the Corp member can then go straight to the LI (Local Government Inspector of NYSC) in the Local Government Area he/she has been posted to for documentation.

In the other hand, if the Corp Member was rejected. The corp member would demand for a Rejection signature appended in the posting letter as explained earlier in this post.

Then, the Corp member is free to search for any PPA in any Local Government within the coverage of the Zonal Inspector he/she has been assigned to.

This can be found from the initial posting letter, which contains details of both the LI and ZI in the State he/she can be accepted.

Once the Corp Member has been accepted from the New PPA he/she can then head straight to the Local Government Inspector for documentation.

If the NYSC Corp member gets a PPA in another LGA aside the initial posted LGA, the Corp Member would have to go to the Zonal Inspector, with both the initial Letter of Posting showing he/she has been rejected and the New Acceptance Letter of the New PPA in the new Local Government under the Zonal Inspector of the NYSC Corp Member.

Lastly, after the whole finding of PPA something and documentation in the LI and in some cases ZI. All what the NYSC Corp member would have to do after wards is to continue his/her normal service in the posted PPA and report for monthly clearance in the Local Government Inspector of NYSC office usually close to the month end.

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Until the 10 months service elapses and Corp Members are handed their certificate of Service.

Avoiding Re-Mobilization:

It is also important for Corp Members to adhere to doing their monthly clearance on time.

Any corp member that misses 3 consecutive monthly clearance is automatically assumed to have absconded.

And attracts a case of Re-Mobilization which means repeat of the whole service year.

Therefore, in order not to fall into this category, even as a Corp member you aren’t dutiful in your posted PPA, try as much as possible to do the Monthly clearance.

No any NYSC staff can deny you of your monthly clearance, even the LI. Once you show up for your monthly clearance you must be cleared. Even if you haven’t been dutiful in your place of PPA.

Because, it is part of the law of NYSC for any Corp Member that is present during clearance to be cleared.

Monthly clearance is usually either by manual documentation or by Fingerprint Scanning to show your presence.

What if you have Miss 2 Months Clearance:

If you have missed up to 2 months clearance and counting. Provided It hasn’t clocked the 3 months. Quickly, apply for a relocation online.

The steps for relocation online is explained in this tutorial on NYSC Redeployment. If you are relocated to another State, then, you have averted the 3 or 6 months additional punishment for missing 2 clearance.

If you have any further questions, do leave us a comment below. If you find this helpful, do share with your friends.

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