3 Suggestions To Eliminate Artificial Scarcity At The Filling Station End


3 Suggestions To Eliminate Artificial Scarcity At The Filling Station End


  1. All filling stations should be registered with a unique identification number. The number should be placed boldly for everyone to see at the filling station. The number should then be stored in a Central DataBase. Also, people’s attention should be drawn to the use of the number. With this system, people can channel specific complaint of a particular filling station by referencing to the unique identification number to the Authorities.
  2. CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) should become a must and a standard which should be mounted in all filling stations. The videos recorded in real time should then be synchronized with a Central Server.
  3. Pay at The Pump System: All fuel stations should adopt pay at the pump system. That is, every one should be able to serve themselves by either using their ATM cards or slotting in directly money; into fuel dispensers. Then, in return, the fuel dispensers will then, server fuel according to the user input.


  • This will eliminate the influence of a third party.
  • It will also eliminate all filling stations that can not meet up to standard.
  • It may also eliminate all the unfairly issues that take place at the dispensing end.


I believe its time for a paradigm shift in Nigeria. New systems of doing things should be embraced. Old systems that have proven to be failures replaced.

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